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Day 23 – 10th September

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 10, 2008

The resort I was staying at was similar to Mataranka. It did not have any chairs/tables except for the bar pool area. As it was not busy, I had a good shady campsite during the day, but caught the sun in the morning. This is late afternoon.

Anyway, I planned on taking it easy until my RUM tour and just read a book and drank water. I had also been given some electrolyte powders and I had had one last night and one this morning. I felt better, but still fatigued and hot. G&N had mentioned that they were going to do the Ubir tour that afternoon and I was welcome to come along with them, saved riding and it would be air-conditioned, you betcha!!
So, I keep saying this RUM tour was at 11am, but for some reason at the time I thought it was 11.30am and I had to meet the bus down at the airport. When I got the ticket out and spotted the correct time, I had 5 minutes to kit up and be there, I missed it 😦 I chatted with Ebone, pronounced Ebony, up at the resort reception and after changing my tire fitting to Friday, arranged for the next day’s tour, so I had more leisure time to get over the next stage of my lack of body maintenance. Remember I said I was crook in the guts, well, I had gastric, and when you are dehydrated there is no moisture to fix the problem, now that I was fully hydrated, I found I needed to be around the amenities 😦
So, the day passed in a relaxed mode until around 3pm when it was time to go to Ubir. This is the way it needs to be done at this time of the year, in air conditioned comfort from the back seat 🙂

There were some nice rock formations around this area which will become more evident

Lots of rock art as well and the 2nd picture has been tested at 12 layers of coverings over 20,000years

The whole wall is a rendition of what food sources are available, including all the animals of course like the kangaroo at the bottom, but above that is a white man with his hands in his pockets, that showed he was bossing the natives and paid them to do work which they could trade for food, it is only about 120 years old

Here is the characteristic Screw Palm, a very useful plant out this way, same as the Pandanas Palm as shown earlier

This is the Rainbow Serpent, a Dreamtime story, we had stopped at certain times as a Ranger was giving talks about the culture of the people and the county

Then the walk up to the lookout passing some more artwork and some great views

This is where Crocodile Dundee was filmed

Here is me with a near smile, I was a 100% better than yesterday, but still not 100%.

And this is Linda, the Ranger, giving us a talk about the diversity of the park.

Then a great sunset as the sun went behind a smoke cloud and gave a Jupiter effect

After that we planned on having dinner at the resort but the restaurant prices did not match the quality or the actual wording of the menu, so we obtained a refund from the very rude supervisor and cooked a stir fry back at the wagon. It was a quiet evening, bit of a chit chat, before crashing out. G&N were heading for Rocky tomorrow; it will take about a week depending on mood.

Day – 5km
Trip – 6159km

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