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Day 35 – 22nd September

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 22, 2008

It was still bloody cold and windy in the morning, so I packed my tent up and managed to get down to the first feeding at the beach. They give some of the dolphins, usually the mothers, a third of their daily intake in fish, which forces them to go out and forage for themselves and their young. Today, there was new calf in attendance so the normal thing of all the people getting in the water was not on. Only the few selected people with fish were allowed in. Fair enough, my toes were freezing as it is, I would like to keep the family jewels out of the water 🙂 The pelicans were also hanging around; they know they sometimes get the scraps.

And this movie shows the young calf sporting around and being escorted by a couple of teenagers

I finally got on the road and it was cold and windy 😦 It was tiring fighting the headwind which also helped me to run out of fuel, for the first time ever, just 3km from the Overlander Roadhouse on the main highway. Lucky I had that MSI bottle with the extra litre of fuel, it got me there where I had a hot cuppa and a snack before heading south once again. It was so cold and windy I had to find a sheltered spot every so often just to have a wind free break.

These next few shots will show how much actual wind protection there is out here, not much at all.

But the wild flowers love it out here in spring.

I had taken the scenic route to Kalbarri because the cliffs down this way were supposed to be spectacular. My first impression was the ocean rollers beating into the barrier of the harbour.

Then I rode down to those flat rocks where all the cars were parked, bad move as I found out when I got on it!

There were some nice views, but the rock was not quite flat and caused me a bit of effort to get turned around without dropping the bike. I nearly worked up a sweat!

Then on the road following the loop and there were a lot of little dirt turnoffs that came out onto the cliffs at different points for viewing.

There were even some twisties on some of the trails which weren’t dirt 🙂

And some surf if you are game, the landing looks hard though 🙂

I finished up there and continued on, I still had a ways to go to get to Geraldton. In the end as I came to the town of Northampton, I spotted this bike and trailer in the caravan park just off the road that looked familiar so I had a chat with Lesley and Jim and ended up staying the night as it was freezing by now. This was their second night also because of the rain and cold, they had met up with a couple of chaps (Ashley and Royce) from Kojonup who were up here driving headers for harvesting hay. The town has quite a number of interesting old buildings, so we went and tested a few 🙂

That is Royce, Ashley, me, Lesley and Jim partaking of a few. Here is another nice old building, the beer was cheap as well!

Hmm, too much beer methinks!

And we chatted around the fire with some other travellers after some chops and chips.

The lady on the right is with the chap on the left; he used to race Ducatis back in the old days and were interested in my bike setup. The night was good even though it was cold and it was not a late one.

Day – 522km
Trip – 11,058km
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