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Day 41 – 28th September

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 28, 2008

I was up early, lucky really as Greg was early as well, so we met each other in the CP car park, he also had a 2006 version Blue strom.

He helped me check my oil level and it was low, so I put the other 400ml in but still nothing in the sight glass 😦 I figured as we were going to a servo I would buy some more oil there. The meeting place was a Caltex servo somewhere, Greg led the way and we got there about 8.30, still half an hour to the 9am meet. Brett was already there, so I fuelled up but they did not have any oil for motorcycles, bugger! Soon after Pim(aka Mip on ST) turned up, he lived quite near and offered some oil which I accepted. I forgot to take a photo here, sorry 🙂 We went to Pims and added another 500ml oil and finally saw the oil in the middle of the sight glass, there was no leaks though, real weird! Brett mentioned he had the same problem coming back from Cobar and Suzuki say the motor will use 1lt every 10,000km. Mine never had prior to this, but I guess now I will have something else to check. As my next oil and filter change was due within the next 1000km, I accepted Pims offer of 4lt of oil and an aftermarket filter, but he would not accept any money! I tried, but no go, thanks a bunch Pim, I really appreciated it.

So, we headed off on the ride through all the hills on the eastern side of Perth, I have no idea where we were or going, I just followed and took some snaps, that is Pim in front and Brett and Greg behind me 🙂

We finally stopped at a lookout where and you could just see Perth way over there.

We continued on.

And then we came to the corner where Peter Brock lost his life in a Targa Rally crash. The tree has been cut down, but there are still flowers and flags at that point, you can see the corner he lost control in and headed towards the camera. The tree was quite small, but very solid of course.

Just down the road, on the straight, they have placed a car park and the actual memorial is there, to stop people stopping on the corner, of course you can walk up the road, as we did. If you look at the list of races he has won, you can see why they called him the King of the Mountain, which is Mount Panorama, the Bathurst 1000 race track.

On we went further out east through the Chittering valley until we came to Toodyay, where we stopped at the Coke Cafe, a sort of museum of Coca Cola, where the boys had their Lattes while I had coke of course, and some toasted sangers 🙂

Brett had to leave us here as he had family things to do, but we continued on through some great mountain roads, very twisty and as it was a public holiday, a fair bit of traffic. A lot of bikes were on the road, most of them crotch rockets, we even got overtaken on double white lines by two of the idiots who were flying in the traffic.

Then we stopped at this Micro Brewery for a beer, I had Honey Pils, it tasted quite OK.

Next we went back via some of the same roads, because I wanted to see the weir at Mundaring, and here it is. Remember that pipeline I followed all the way out to Kalgoorlie, well this was where it starts from and you can see the pump house at the bottom, it is number 1, out near Kalgoorlie, it is number 8.

After that Pim offered his driveway do drop my oil and once again I accepted, it did not take long and Greg was interested in seeing what was involved as his bike is only new. That was done in short order, before Greg and I headed back to Freemantle. We stopped at the pub across from the CP and had a few ales before Greg headed home, it was quite late and had been a longish day. It had also been quite cool all day as well; I had only once warmed up enough to open my jacket once the whole time out and I had thermals on as well 🙂 I parked my bike and went back for a few more, as you do and had an early night. The next day was going to be the Maritime Museum.

Day – 379km
Trip – 13,894
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