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Day 46 – October 3rd

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 3, 2008

I was going to have breakfast this morning with the other riders down at the bakery; the motel does not do breakfasts sadly 😦 But, as I wanted to back up my photos and send them to Rocky(My HDD was full), basically burn them to DVD, I found I had not organised the folders correctly, which just took time to rearrange and remember to do it this way in future, just a small learning curve This meant when I left the motel I just heard them haring off into the bush, but I spoke to Brian(support vehicle) and the girls for a while, before hitting the Telecentre again for a quick update and email check. This is where I found out that they had ripped themselves off yesterday, for the three hours it should have been $24, not the $12 I was charged. But the lady was very nice and gave me the same rate this morning, whew, saved $16 there people!!!

About an hour later I was off, all rugged up because it was cold and windy, it was only a short ride today down towards Albany, and my first view of Albany was very nice;

But having no idea what there was to see around this joint I went straight to the visitor centre and this is where I met a fellow Ullyssean called George who was riding a 400cc Burgman scooter.

We chatted for a fair while, he was very interested in my bike and travel plans, he is also planning some trips in the future. 🙂 He also told me a few things I needed to see in the area 🙂

As I was starving I found a new thing to try called a donor kebab, it was very nice and filled me up 🙂 Then as I had been reading the local info guide I decided there was quite few things to see here so I would stay the night. I booked into the local Big4 very expensive camp site ($30) set up my tent and went touring. I took the scenic tour up to the town lookout and stopped a few times on the way.

At the top is a memorial to the first troops, 30,000 of them that left to fight at Gallipoli, this port at Albany was for a lot of them the last sight they ever saw of Australia, a very sad time.

The suburb of Middleton is just down there on the beach, and the caravan park was also, a nice spot in summer I reckon 🙂 Also some other good views from up there.

Down the hill is the memorial grove of trees to remember the fallen.

A quick shot of the brigantine Amity before heading to Frenchman’s Bay and a number of other nice places. I would return for a tour of that later.

There are some wild rock formations here, including this natural bridge and the gap, a very windy day here and very cool.

Further on was a whaling station which had tours, but as I like whales, alive not dead it would have depressed me, so I did not enter.

Next stop was the Salmon Holes, it was a long way down to the beach, but there was a surfer who had trekked down, the surf looked nice but had a very short break, or duration.

Next stop was the Blow Holes, this was a long walk down some steep pathways and about 78 steps, extremely windy and not worth the effort in the end, the hole is where that plaque is 😦 They did make a sound like whales spouts but no actual plumes like up at Quadda. Don’t forget I also had to walk back up and that was an effort 🙂

Back to town by 4pm I arrived at the Amity for a tour, the sign said closed at 5pm but no one was around, so I could not go below decks, it was not open until 10am tomorrow, I would be gone by then, bummer! Had a look around the deck anyway.

Then on my way back to the CP I saw the Dog Rock which I had read about in the brochure, no wonder it got it’s name and some smarty had added the collar 🙂

Had some tucker in a very warm camp kitchen with wood heater and burnt some DVDs of photos while watching War of the Worlds on TV with some other campers. Very, very windy and rain had started.

Day – 205km
Trip – 15,068km

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One Response to “Day 46 – October 3rd”

  1. Guy said

    Are you serious? You have never had a doner kebab before. Man Rocky really is behind the times. They usually taste their best at 3am in the morning after a belly full. 🙂

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