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Day 51 – 8th October

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 8, 2008

So, guess what, it rained this morning WTF ??? Just after I had all my gear dry and I had to pack up in the rain again, this is getting monotonous, but I had no choice even though I waited a while to try and dry it out. It was only light misty stuff, just enough to wet things, but it cleared up after a short while. Anyway I got on the road and after about 30km I had to turn west into the hills which looked cold and wet, so I stopped and put my rain gear on.

Heading up into the lower Flinders Ranges there were some nice twisty bits but the weather made me back off.

But once on the other side it seemed to clear up a bit 🙂

I came to a sign near Orroroo which mentioned a giant gum tree, so I had a decko, and yes it was huge and nearly 500 years old as well, not as big as the Tingle trees over near Walpole though.

Not long after that I was hoping to get to the other side of those ranges in the distance, it looked like blue skies all the way out there 🙂

After some tank and tummy at Yunta I kept on west in sunshine and a little while later was flashed by a truck to advise me of cops ahead, so I slowed down. I saw a dark blue highway patrol car and 5 minutes later a 2nd car, but I had been wise and kept the speed down. When I went through a small town I was followed for ages by one of them, it is hard to concentrate and I kept on glancing in my mirrors. Once, I looked ahead and noticed 4 emus on the side of the road, now I was concerned, I had to lose this cop so I would pay more attention to the road ahead and just ahead I noticed this sign, a great opportunity. This and the next three I am going to say nothing about, I will leave that to you. I lost the cop anyway 🙂

Now, for some reason, that towns name is not pronounced the way it looks, it is pronounced Coburn, so why not remove the redundant ‘CK’, unless they like it there? Beats me 🙂

Then I find that I am not so far from Cobar where we had the Vstrom gathering earlier this year, but I am wondering whether if was originally called Cockbar ? 🙂

I got into Broken Hill around 2.30pm and after checking a few things out decided to spend the night at a local pub which had a lock up yard and as I did not want to look at old buildings or mining stuff, I found out about this hill which was dedicated to some sculptures. It was a bit of rigmarole to get there but eventually I got to the right spot, I then had a 1km hike uphill via some switchbacks.

I eventually got there, the flies were bad, lucky I had my fly net from Uluru, I could have sold quite a few out that way I reckon with all the comments I got 🙂 Here are a few of the sculptures that were done.

Then I went back to the pub where I met a few people had some beers and a feed and found that this was the watering hole for an international rally held in April this year. Lots of car parts were bolted to the wall as memento

Day – 475km
Trip – 17,966km
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