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Day 56 – 13th October

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 13, 2008

Well, the forecast was right, rain 😦 I nearly went back to bed but ventured outside and had a look; it was patchy rain, but rain none the less. Peter phoned again while I was packing the bike up and said he could not break Thursdays work so I could not go there, bummer. I decided to go and find some internet and see what the Latte crowd had decided, if anything for the next weekend. I could make a direction decision then, maybe 🙂

I headed out west towards a place called Euroa but dropped in via an exit on the freeway to a place called Glenrowan.
The signposts mentioned the Kelly Gangs last stand, of course, so I had a quick look.

My main concern was fuel and internet, so I pressed on until I got to Benalla and checked my Email at the Library, but could not use my laptop 😦 Plans were afoot for the weekend, so now I could go somewhere else in the meantime. I contacted Peter again to see if Thursday night/Friday was OK, as it would mean a few weeks or not at all and it is fine, so that is sorted, Mildura Thursday.

Now I decided to go back to Glenrowan as they had this animated show museum exhibition which looked interesting. It cost $22 and the chap who owns it said it is good, of course, nothing like it anywhere in Australia. Anyway, I had time, so I checked it out. It is quite good actually, as well as being history, the full size life like mannequins had faces and voices projected and the sound effects and stage tricks are great 🙂 You are not allowed to take photos, but mine must have been on automatic or something 😉 Here is a sneak preview, but go and see for yourself!

After that I headed back again and again stopped in Benalla as I had seen a sign the first time about the memorial to Weary Dunlop, but had forgotten to have a look when I did the email thing! So, I found the statue in the gardens and took a few photos. For those overseas people, Weary was a doctor during the 2nd world war and was famous for his never say die attitude, which he kept on afterwards until he died.

Then just as I was wired in and ready to leave, who should show up beside me, none other than Rory, or Wheels from Stromtrooper 🙂 We had a bit of a chat and he seemed sure he would be heading to Melbourne for this weekend’s ride, great stuff and nice to see you again after Cobar.

He lived in Euroa so he gave me directions to the ride I wanted to do which is number 54 in the Aussie Riders Atlas, so off I went again and finally found the turnoff to Longwood and the old highway.

It was pretty much all like that, narrow country roads, not much traffic but I did see some interesting metalwork in a field 🙂

I got into Seymour and decided to stay here the night as it had been quite chilly all day, but the temperature had warmed up nicely and it would give me a chance to dry the tent out again, from last Friday. It was soaked when I unpacked it, but it soon dried out. Had a nice relaxing evening, chatted with the park owner, he is a Ullyssean but hardly ever rides much, but I think he is not interested as he could make time if he wanted too. I think his bike was a GXR1000, a red one, but have never seen one so cannot place it, not a gixxer though, more a touring cruiser type, I got the letters wrong.

Anyway, it cooled down after dark quite quickly, so I crashed pretty early after watching a bit of Hancock, the movie.

Day – 262km
Trip – 19,721km

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2 Responses to “Day 56 – 13th October”

  1. Dave White said

    Hello there,
    a friend sent me this link and I really enjoyed seeing where you have been.
    Especially in Glenrowan. I am a Ulysses member myself and love reading about your bike trips.
    Keep it up, Dave.

  2. travellingstrom said

    Hi Dave

    I am glad you like it


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