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Day 98 – 24th November

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 24, 2008

It looked like another warm day would be on the cards after the overnight chill and I had a mission today, finally 🙂 I decided to head down via Tamworth and the Putty road to Hornsby, then back up the Bucket Way to Cessnock, then I could make my way via the Thunderbolt way back north again. That was the plan Stan!

I did a blog update, for some reason, probably congestion, it is better in the mornings than at night. So, off I trot around 10am, a bit later than I wanted but no worries. I was only intending on getting to Hornsby today anyway.

I headed back to Uralla where I had a snack and fuelled up, then on to Tamworth where there was some serious down hilling to do, no wonder it was so damm cold last night I was up too high, it soon warmed up at the bottom of these grades.

It was around midday coming through Tamworth and I decided as I had passed a gun shop to see if could organise a better lanyard for the SPOT. They had none, but sent me down the main street to the camping shop. Bad move, rush hour lunch time and someone had run over the give way sign and the footpath and some pedestrians, traffic lock up.

I tried the camp shop and the hunting shop next door, then I went down to the boat shop, they sent me to a fasteners shop, where they did the deed. So, I now have a stainless steel crimped cable with dog clip and quick release clip, all for 6 bucks 🙂 Now to see how long it lasts before rust sets in

On my way out I had to take a photo of the giant golden guitar, because Tamworth is the country music capital of Australia. It is not my cup of tea, but I can handle the funky stuff, just not the sad lost me home and me wife and me dog run away and me truck blew up sort of stuff 🙂

Then after a quick snack for my first time on this trip at maccas, but only nuggets and chips no burger and only because it was next door, I headed on. The roads were fast and wide and nothing special, but there were some nice views to start with and my lanyard worked a treat, it will never get in the way.

Cheesy grin, hehehe, it was supposed to show the lanyard on my jacket, but I misjudged the shot and only took one.

Then around Muswellbrook and Singleton it became more industrial with coal mines and power lines and power stations etc.

I arrived in Singleton and decided rather than repeat yesterday’s effort I would look for a camp site here. It was 4pm and would give me time to set up the tent, go to town and buy some tucker from Woolies and still have a poke around.

Well, after a few dramas, I finally found a camp site and set up, went to town and bought some food and had a great meal. I figured tomorrow would be a longish day, so I fuelled up the bike and decided on an early night and an early start. The early night was easy, once again, poor connection on the wireless thing, even with full bars, so I would try again in the morning. I was using the bikes power to run the laptop, there was nowhere to really sit down and use power except for the laundry. This may have a bearing on tomorrow, maybe not but tomorrow was a bummer!

Day – 348km
Trip – 30,826km

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