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Day 103 – 29th November

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 29, 2008

Well, we slept in OK, no need to rush, but after a great breakfast I packed and we headed out for a ride that Don had planned. It was only us two today, the others were either busy or out of town.

We started out near Jindalee and headed through The Gap, this took most of the force from the storm the other week and still had heaps of evidence, with tarped roofs and lots of trees broken and bits everywhere. You can see all the stuff on the side of the roads as wll as the fact the trees have bugger all leaves left.

We stopped at a lookout where Don showed me his new house, well, if he can find a loose $11M somewhere 🙂 It was in a nice spot, great views perched up on a spur.

Then we continued until we got to the lookout on Mount Nebo, nice views of Samford Valley and you can see the ocean in the background, sadly the camera once again not up to it.

Don said that Saturday morning is not a good time to do Mount Glorious, so we descended the corkscrew road into the valley, this had some serious corners on it and extremely steep 🙂

Once back through the valley we retraced our steps somewhat and saw more devastation.

Then we went to Springwood Suzuki where I got an appraisal for a trade in, we looked down Moss St at the other dealers before I headed off around early afternoon for Beaudesert where I was to meet Alan again. I met up with him and right away we headed south towards Rathdowney where the turn off to Lions Road is. The sky was pretty dark out that way and very threatening with weird cloud banks forming. I got Alan to pull over and we decided to hightail it back to the pub. Check these out and you will see why.

We made it back in time but not by much as not 15 minutes after sitting down for our first beer, down came the rain 🙂

We then did what we normally do now and had a few drinks and a chat and had quite an enjoyable evening, um, but we did forget to eat, so that was not good, but these things happen!

Day – 234km
Trip – 32,269km

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