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Day 105 – 1st December

Posted by TravellingStrom on December 1, 2008

Tired as I was, I still woke quite early. After we had some breakfast, I was invited to have a lazy day here in Chinchilla rather than head to a tent site somewhere, so I accepted 🙂 This gave me a chance to catch up on my blog, but I also had the bike on my mind as far as trading it in and what that involves. In the end, I made a decision to enjoy this week, get back to Rocky and then sort the bike out, it is too hard to make a decision while on the road. That was a relief.

Jim decided to get his other bike running again, it had been sitting for nearly two years without moving as he had lost the keys, so it was hot wired. He just needed to flush the oil and do a few things like that. It is a Moto Guzzi Mille and worked first kick, even with the old fuel in it.

I did some more work on the blog and after lunch we went for a ride around to his mate Alan’s place, he rides a beamer as well as a few others 🙂

We stayed a while chatting before taking the Guzzi down to the local weir, just to blow the cobwebs off it.

Of course, it was quite warm, so we had to stop and have a thirst quencher or two while keeping an eye on the 2nd test which we won by heaps 🙂

After that, Jim had to do some work on the net for a while so we went back home and put the bikes away.

Jim hard at work 🙂

And Lesley hard at work 🙂

Alan came around for hot dogs and we had a few more drinks, but as Jim had an early start he went to bed early, while myself and Lesley chatted until quite late. They had rum in that house and coke and ice, all the good ingredients 🙂

I just love the collection of warning signs they had collected, better than my real collection, although I am gaining I think 🙂

Day – 22km
Trip – 32,755km

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2 Responses to “Day 105 – 1st December”

  1. A. Winter said

    I’ve looked at your travels using Firefox (no pictures), IE (pictures OK, but not lining up properly) and Opera (everything works). Maybe you could add a NOTE somewhere saying “Best viewed with….”
    Just a suggestion

  2. travellingstrom said

    Well, use Opera then. I have seen my site on lots of other computers using a number of different browsers and they are mostly OK, except for a bit of clipping on the right hand side.


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