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Day 107 – 3rd December

Posted by TravellingStrom on December 3, 2008

Today was a big loop de loop day as far as riding. I was going to ride the roads I had missed yesterday due to heat and not actually travel too far north. I also wanted to hopefully be off the road around lunch time due to the heat

First off I had to head back west towards Kilcoy but take the turn south just before Woodford. The road was fine but narrow and up this way there was some very nice views.

A bit further on once I was running along the spine of the mountain range the views were better.

And the road climbed and got twistier, very nice 🙂

Ahah, another for my collection!

I eventually was running along the bottom of Samford Valley where I was the other day with Don, and the way up the range was just as much fun going up as it was down like that day.

At the top I headed north towards Mount Glorious, once on the road I recalled what Don had said about dark and gloomy and leaf litter and slippery etc, I agree 🙂

I stopped for a rest up at the Wivenhoe lookout place but did not see any water, but did see the bike that passed me at a rate of knots.

After that the road turned fast but sort of boring, but it was getting warm by now anyway and it was only 10am!

After getting to Kilcoy I had to renegotiate all the roadwork’s that I had done the day before, very boring and tedious!

But, now at Woodford I could head north to Beerwah along some more fun roads. The Bear in his ride atlas talks about this road from the other direction as in slow, gets better then better and real good, well I did it my way and it was great downgrading to boring 🙂

And eventually I arrived in Caloundra. I checked out the visitors centre and after getting some info I checked out the caravan park near town. It had nearly everything I wanted, shade, grass, dunnies etc, but no kitchen or anywhere to cook. So, I cheated again and took a motel just up the road, it included breakfast and was near the banks, fast food, car electrical shop and a pub, what more could you ask for!

After purchasing some cable, connectors and other stuff for the next day’s job, I retired. Well, only as far as here 🙂 Had a great afternoon and a top cheap feed and a quiteish night.

Day – 273km
Trip – 33,403km

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