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Day 123 – 10th April 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on April 12, 2009

Friday – Escalante,Utah

We all woke up a bit late, around the 8.30 mark as we had been up late of course. After some breakfast of whatever we had, we packed up the bikes. You can see how cramped the garage was with boats bikes and pushies everywhere.

Nearly ready to rumble, but let’s have a play first 🙂

We had to retrace our steps a bit as we wanted to go to Zion National Park and get on a shuttle bus so off we went, it was nice weather but a tad cool. We went past a refurbished staging post/fort type place called Zions, but did not stop.

Then straight through Virgin, the town that is 🙂 It is a common theme around here by the looks of it.

We got to the park entrance and as you can see it is chockas! So, instead we decided to park here and get the shuttle, then go on through the park later when it may not be as busy, maybe!

We caught a bus, of which there are many and run about every 8 minutes, but later in peak season every 2 minutes! The pictures do not do the place justice but I enjoyed the 2 hours we spent on the loop. You can get out at any of the stops, then wait for the next bus 🙂

Bored yet 🙂

Back at the bus stop where we had got off, I saw a squirrel, my first bit of official wildlife 🙂 It was begging for food, but there were $100 on the spot fines if caught feeding them. They went right up to peoples legs and did not seem scared at all.

On the way back down, more rocks, even noddy had another kip 🙂

We then had to negotiate the actual park again as the turnoff to Bryce Canyon was on the other side. More waiting!

But once inside the park, the views were worth it 🙂

Then, the mile long tunnel again, this time another wait. What happens is, if a bus is coming through, they hold up all the traffic and the bus rides the middle of the tunnel where it is taller.

Once again, the wait was worth it 🙂

We stopped for lunch at the junction where we had a very nice cheap meal, endless bowls of soup for $5 and as I was starving and cold, it did the job. It was at this point that John headed back, he was staying at the condo again, so we bid him farewell 🙂

So, Ken and myself headed into Bryce Canyon NP, this is where we had turned into yesterday and then went back, so we took some more photos of the spectacular cliff formations. But, I had taken some yesterday as well, so only a couple today

As we continued through the park we were rising slowly and getting cooler as well until we reached the summit. I wonder how they managed that so neat?

It was getting late by this time and our original plan of going to Boulder was out the window, late nights, late sleep in’s do that to you eh! So, our plan now was to get a share motel at Escalante, it was not too far ahead, but it was now getting quite cold and it was after 5pm, prime skippy time!

Eventually we got a room although it was upstairs, it was OK and warm inside 🙂 It even had free internet, a bit patchy signal, but good enough.

We decided we would go to the Cowboy Blues for a feed later, but I wanted a beer so although Utah is strict in alcohol sales, some shops did have some. While doing that we saw some quaint old houses down the road.

And also a Tepee and a weird water wheel type thing 🙂

We had a top feed up the road and had a quiet nite, although as the beer was light beer, I ended up just getting some coke, ice from the front office and having some rum! There was no fridge in the room, but who needed it, just leave it all outside the door, it was near freezing out there, I checked! I decided to finish the rum as it was just too big to carry around, well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it! 😉

Day – 165 miles and 264 km
Trip – 1,488 miles and 2,381km

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8 Responses to “Day 123 – 10th April 09”

  1. TSV-Strom (Pete) said

    Hey TS,

    Awesome scenery you’re passing through. And no roo’s to look out for, although deers are a tad larger I should think.

    I do have to ask, now that the square bear has all gone, what are you going to replace your essential liquids with now?

    Ride safe, keep up the reports.

    (Group bulk emails seem to be working fine too)

    cheers, Pete

    • travellingstrom said

      Hi Pete, yep they are a tad bigger in most cases, I actually saw some close up yesterday, then nearly blended with the background!

      I have no idea on a drink replacement, Utah is not the state to find out, I have plenty of time 🙂


  2. Guy said

    You took three days to finish a bottle of rum? Are you ok?

    • travellingstrom said

      Longer than that, I have been here nearly two weeks 🙂 But, it is all gone now, so I have more space and it was too big for the new storage tubes, maybe a 26 ponder will fit 🙂

  3. Skillo said

    Hi TS, just been catching up with your blog. Nice one. Besides a few small hic-ups, all seems to going well for you so far, hope that continues.

    How long are you travelling for? (sorry, I know you probably already told me).

    Bloody banks! Luckily we had travelled to a several non-western countries over the years before our overland bike trip, so we had our bank stuff sorted. But we met lots of other travellers from a range of countries that were having all the usual issues that the local pimple-faced teller will swear cannot happen. Then, you just try to get them to fix anything when you are O/S, well you already know what happens. And then they charge fees for giving the wrong info and no service when you need it!

    Anyway, good luck & keep the rubber side down.
    John & Alanna Skillington

    • travellingstrom said

      Hi Skillo

      Yep, nearly sorted, although I have just checked and there is still no money on my card, after 4 days! I will give it one more then have to make enquries again, hopefully it was just the easter hols.

      Anyway, I am having fun, even though it is a bit cold.

      Hey, I stole your twin torpedo tubes idea 🙂


  4. Boe said

    Hi I met you in escalante, I was the one turkey hunting. Just checked out the web site look’s like you had a wonderfull time, keep the rubber side down.

    Good luck, and nice meeting you.
    Boe minchey

    • travellingstrom said

      G’day there Bob

      You were in the truck and went hunting in the snow right? Yep, I remember, nice meeting you, that was a cold old day for me 🙂

      Thanks for the comment

      Cheers TS

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