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Day 141 – 28th April 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on April 28, 2009

Tuesday – Riverside, California

Well, this will be an easy day to write up, I was so crook I did nothing! There are no photos, so skip today if you like 🙂

I was woken at 8.30 by the lady from the UPS about my shock absorber. I gave her my credit card number and told her to get it paid, get the thing delivered and I would sort out the refund when I enter Canada later on.

Now I was awake, I could feel that I was in no condition to ride the freeways of LA, nor deal with the people at Benchmark Helmets, so I paid for another night and went back to bed!

I finally got up around 3.30pm, still a bit crook but a lot better and in need of food. I tried to contact the helmet place once again, but all I get is the answer machine, I think they are avoiding me and have my number blocked! I wondered across the road and found out they were giving away free chook at a Pol Loco or something, so I stood in line and got two free bits of flame grilled chook, but as I was hungry, I paid $5 and got another 6 pieces, good enough for later and breakfast I thought 🙂

I basically spent the rest of the day following up on a few things via the net, getting sorted for tomorrow. I had a few things to do, go to the helmet place regardless, I would just turn up on their doorstep, if I could find it. I also had been in contact with a guy from Stromtroopers, he had a ‘cache’ which I would try and get a hold of and take it somewhere else, it is just a pass the parcel type of forum game. I also had an email from Tom, whom I bought the bike from, the pink slip or ownership papers had arrived, I would try and meet and get that to, then I could arrange insurance.

That is another trick, as I do not have a printer, I could not print out the application docs, but maybe I can go to a computer shop and do it from there.

Anyway, it was a lazy evening, but as I drank more and more water, I slowly felt a bit better.

Never again, until next time!

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 4,875 miles and 7,846 km


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