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Day 147 – 4th May 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on May 4, 2009

Monday – Kingman, Arizona

I was not planning on riding today, it was a rest day, but plans change when circumstances dictate

I woke after a comfortable sleep and answered a few emails that needed doing. My main concern today was getting bike insurance sorted out, I was not sure if Netfather had any plans but at this time another night here was fine. He informed me a little later of his change of plans which meant I had to be gone by about midday, unexpected and with a bit of a hangover not that welcome, but that’s life. Family comes first, so anyway, I finally managed to get hold of the insurance people, they had received my fax, but as I wanted to add extra accessories cover, they needed to fax a new copy etc, etc, etc.

Lucky Netfather had a fax machine and after the 2nd attempt we got the documents, I signed what needed to be done and faxed them back. Of course, it is now lunchtime on the east coast, so I needed to wait the extra hour, just to confirm the whole process, which gave me time to pack up. I had no real plan on where to go, generally though the Grand Canyon was my destination, I would just pick some scenic type roads to get there and see what happens.

While doing this, finally Netfather managed to contact 340, the other net chap I knew who lives up in Toronto, we ended up chatting on the dual phone hookup for about an hour and a half, a very good time 🙂 During this extended chat session, I received a phone call from the insurance people, everything is a goer, I am now covered for everything 🙂

It was now nearly 1pm, so I decided if I am going, I better do some miles now. Thanks Netfather for the beers and a bed and a chat, a great time meeting you and I hope everything gets sorted out.

I just picked a way westish as on the map I had, it seemed to be a scenic route. I was not really planning to go far though as I needed some breakfast, so once I got out of the freeway system, I picked Wickenburg as a good spot for some tucker. I ended up having a burger at a Burger King, not bad for the price and it filled the whole, but I wish they had meat pies and sausage rolls here 🙂

The road after Wickenburg is where it is supposed to be scenic, it sure did not look that way to me?

But not long afterwards, I started to see Joshua Trees scattered about and the road signs proclaimed the Joshua Tree Highway or something like that, so fair enough and there was a lot of yellow flowered bushes lining the road as well. 🙂

I managed to find some fast sweepers in one section which was fun.

After that there was not real much to see, it was just a ride which is always good. I decided to stop at Kingman as it was at the beginning of a good scenic ride tomorrow to the canyon. There happened to be a Days Inn there, right across from a supermarket, so it was all good.

I got a reply finally from Eric about my shock absorber, it has arrived, but now I need to fill out a workshop return form which he sent as PDF, so now I need to find a printer, fill it out and fax it back before work can commence, maybe tomorrow I can find one. 😦

I had a reply on the forums about a mailing address; basically send it to myself at a post office somewhere. So, I picked one in New Mexico as I will be there next week and picked Roswell, of the crashed UFO fame and passed that on to my parents who are sending more flags and to Adventure MotoStuff, they had said my spare parts for my Chargeguard were there, so I let them know to use the same address. Kisan is great, there was no charge for these bits, thanks 🙂

A quiet night, I had no books to read, I have not found a place to swap them during my travels yet, hopefully soon though, I don’t want to get involved in TV.

Day – 204 miles and 328 km
Trip – 6,265 miles and 10,083 km


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4 Responses to “Day 147 – 4th May 09”

  1. ybg said


    If you are looking for books to read, try and get your hands on this “RIDING WITH RILKE”, JOURNEYS THROUGH SILENCE – Ted Bishop – Author,,9780670063857,00.html

    ” takes readers on the road through some of the richest landscapes in North America and Europe—from Edmonton to Durango, Austin to New York City, London to Bologna, and Geneva to Rome”

  2. Henry said

    Hey Asif,

    That map, on the top of the page, shows the town of Camp Verde…that’s where my folks reside. you ought to drop on in, it would blow them totally to heck.

    Talk to ya later,

    Henry aka ziggy

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