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Day 157 – 14th May 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on May 14, 2009

Thursday – Roswell, New Mexico

Well, them Aliens really stuck it to me, crikey I woke up crook and decided straight away, I am not riding in this heat the way I am, so paid for another night and had a rest instead. 🙂

It was not until after lunch that I ventured out, it was very hot, but I was OK by now. I found a park just up the road from the museum, which was great and paid my $5 to get in.

I won’t go into the whole story, surely everyone knows about the Roswell crashed UFO incident back in 1947, if not read this page
it covers it pretty well

The displays in the museum were all good, there were a lot of affidavits, newspaper stories etc all giving you the choice to make up your own mind. Personally, I am of the belief that there was something here that was covered up, mainly because the authorities did not stick to the story released, there was actually 4 different stories given out, one after the other, all to try and debunk the initial reports, as released by the air force. Anyway, a few photos.

The display went into UFO sightings, crop circles, Area 51 etc, including a copy of the lid of Palenque and a scene from the Roswell movie.

I finally left around 4.30, there were movies inside which if I had know about them prior, I would have tried to make them, they run at the same time each day, so if you go, leave yourself a lot of time, they were finished by the time I got there.

Of course after having something to eat, which I had forgotten to do last night, I went back for a hair of the dog 🙂 It was karaoke night and old Walt was in his straps 🙂

I also met up with Ty, he was based in Freemantle for a while, so we had a few beers. It was not a real late one as tomorrow I wanted to ride east.

Day – 4 miles and 6 km
Trip – 7,999 miles and 12,873 km


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2 Responses to “Day 157 – 14th May 09”

  1. Seems I see a common thread in your posts! Beer…enjoy!

  2. Bruso said

    This Roswell thing is just another piece of the big puzzle.

    Google “Dulce Wars” for another piece.

    Keep on Stroming. 🙂

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