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Day 163 – 20th May 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on May 20, 2009

Wednesday – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Crook = Rest day

Yep, of course I slept in quite late and even after getting up it took a fair while before I could function 😉

My room stay got extended again by Charlie, thanks a lot to Chett from the motel, much appreciated to both of you. I had to wait until at least 2.30pm before I could find out about my tyre, but it had not arrived yet via UPS. I called again in another hour, but it was still not there, so I continued to do not much, drink water that is all and check out some routes for the next few days when the bike had a new rear shoe, and also did a blog entry.

Late in the afternoon, Larry from the workshop called me and said it is not arriving today, so try again tomorrow after 3.30pm.

I had another Subway for dinner, they taste tops 🙂 I will probably keep eating these until I get sick of them, at least they have salad and meat on them and are not deep fried!

After this I had a chat with another biker who was staying next door, he queried whether I was from Oz after seeing my bike. I ended up buying a 6 pack of Shiner Bock cans, grabbed some ice and loaded the sink up (no fridge) and sat out with Al and Kathy and watched the traffic and chatted for the evening.

They have just turned into empty nesters from Michigan so were having a long ride around for a few more weeks. They were a great couple and we had some good topics covered, including gun control, unionism, Walmart( a bad name apparently) and of course bikes, where to stay and eat etc. I noted down some tips in my pad. Nice meeting you guys, keep the rubber side down.

So, although I was drinking, it was quiet and not such a late night, well if you call midnight early. 🙂

Day – 1 miles and 2 km
Trip – 9,710 miles and 15,627 km


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2 Responses to “Day 163 – 20th May 09”

  1. ybg said

    Those sub-sandwiches? Doesn’t like like the Jared diet plan to me. We’ll have to put you on a strict diet of Montreal Smoke Meat Sandwiches to clear your arteries soon. ;o

    • travellingstrom said

      Well, it is healthier than the bloody deep fried crap they have around here as well. Oh for a good old Aussie meat pie. Cheers TS

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