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Day 170 – 27th May 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on May 27, 2009

Wednesday – Deals Gap, North Carolina

Wow, the dragon is good! 🙂

Well, it poured with rain during the night and the damm tent leaks, so it is staying when I leave. I had a quick look at the Tree of Shame before breakfast. This tree started about 20 years ago and is the result of a lot of prangs and bits of peoples cars and bikes ended up here. There has been a lot of prangs on this road over the years.

Then I said good bye to the guys who I had a beer with last night, Brian, Nathan and Frank, unfortunately no photo of Brian, but his bike is there, it is the black Harley, check out the Goldwing of Franks, it has been converted to a trike, and has a trailer and a sidecar, which normally carries a dog, but this trip an esky full of beer, my kind of bloke 🙂 Nearly as many wheels as a semi!

I also said goodbye to Chris and Ray, both from Florida, I do not think they are a couple, despite the photo 🙂

This was when I had another read of this sign on the tree near to where I was camped, scary!

Then it was off for a look at the fabled Dragons Tail, this is a bit of road that winds around the Smokey Mountain and is only 11 miles long, or 18km but it has 318 curves in it, wow, and if you look at my TomTom GPS, you can believe it too. I have also included the Google map of the road.

Not much time for photos on the first run, but imagine a lot of these, back to back 🙂

I made it to the bottom without any problems, but I was not pushing it either yet.

So, off I go back up the range where the look-out is over the Fontana Dam.

Then back near the resort is the state line where I managed to get an addition for the collection. Check out all th esigns you have to read within about 30 feet, lol.

By now it was lunch time, so I had a nice hot dog and chips, real chips this time, not potato chips 🙂 All the stuff on the ceiling are T-shirts with signatures of people who stripped off I guess 🙂 Well, more like an old shirt and they bought new ones with dragon emblems on them from the shop and left theirs behind.

It was a popular place with lots of bikers of all styles.

After lunch it was more of the same, not! In fact I managed to do quite a few runs this afternoon, with and without photos and I also modified the setup of my Garmin and took a track every second, so it looks like this.

Which at speed sort of looks like this, if you are not into motorcycles, get a life, this is what it is all about 🙂

There were a number of professional photographers who clicked away merrily at anything that went past, hoping you will visit the websites and buy some action photos.

As there is no internet here, very hard to find out at this time what was taken. There were a lot of bikes on the road and occasional trucks and trailers, as well as Z cars which are sport type cars, there was a convention of about 200 of these in the area, all doing the tail.

I then managed to get a crappy photo of the other state sign, it was in a more difficult location.

It was about 4.30pm and I decided to ride to Fontana Village and get some beer, they did not sell take away beer at the resort, but they gave you free ice. The power station on the river looked good with all the mist rising above the water.

I was waved at as I went past the servo and when I went back, there were a couple more Stroms. I met and had a chat and a beer for a while with Jeff and his son Brad, both riding stroms, Jeff has a black one and Brad a blue one, I like the blue colour, my first strom was that colour 🙂

I had a quick look at my rear tyre and I must say the ME880 handled the tail real well, although I did not push it too hard, it stuck like glue, only a small amount of chicken strip to get rid of.

So, I stocked up with some beer and headed back to the resort where I got changed and added some ice to the beer.

This is the state of affairs with my tent, you can see how much water is in it.

Now, Brian from this morning had left his brand new tent behind, he told me it leaked as well, but if I wanted to I could sleep in the middle as it was only the edges. I had thought about it and decided to upgrade from a 2 man low style leaking boat to a 3 man high style leaking boat!

There was more room inside, so I would find out how bad it was later on I guess. During this time another group of riders came and set up tents and we had a chat a bit later with a few beers, before migrating to the fire pit. That is Wayne, Rex, Shirly and Rajah.

That lasted for a while before they crashed out, but as I still had some beer left I continued drinking and chatting with Tank and the other Ohio riders, plus a few from elsewhere. That is moonshine I am drinking out of a jar!

It was a late night, but very enjoyable, what a shame it started to rain again.

Day – 124 miles and 200 km
Trip – 11,394 miles and 18,337 km


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12 Responses to “Day 170 – 27th May 09”

  1. DES said

    That road looks not unlike Gillies !!!! very similar, but a bit greener

    • travellingstrom said

      You know Des, I tried really hard not to make that comparison, but you are quite correct, although it has more bends in a shorter length. Also the Cherohala Skyway is similar to the other ride up your way, I forget the name, Charlie took me on it, but the sweeping fast corners were about the same. Have you got the Bismark back on the road yet, or should I not mention it 🙂 Cheers Richard

  2. Chris said

    Here are several photo’s of you from your day at the Dragon:

  3. Chris said

    Photo’s 7,8,9,10, 37-44, 53-57, 74-79, 82 all listed under the Motards, Trike, Other catagory.

    If you are using the firefox browser you can download the pictures from the website for free. Let me know if you need help figuring that out.


    • travellingstrom said

      Hi I use Opera, not IE, I have tried Firefox as well, but I have no option to save image as. I was not expecting to see a Vstrom under that catagory, I was looking at tourers etc. How do I grab these photos please? Cheers Richard

      • Chris said

        Sorry, I’m not familiar with Opera. It’s really a hack that lets you pull the protected content from a webpage. There is no “save image” option. If you like I can just download them all and put them in an email to you.


        • travellingstrom said

          I do have Firefox, and am willing to learn as it may be useful on other sites as well. If that does not work, then the offer of Emailing them would be another option. Cheers Richard

          • Chris said

            1. In Firefox open the page that has the picture on it.

            2. Just to the left of the URL address is a button that usually has the icon for the website. If you hold your mouse over that button it will say “this website does not supply identity information” Press on that button and a pop-up menu will come up on screen.

            3. Click on “more information..”

            4. Another window will pop up. Within that window click the “media” tab on the top. This window will list every piece of media on the webpage. You’re looking for the image file that is your picture. It will be toward the botton and have a url that’s different than most of the items. Click on the image url and the picture will show up in the preview box below. Trial and error will get you to the right file. It’s pretty easy after doing it a few times.

            5. With your picture in the preview box click the “save as” button to the upper right of the image.

            6. Save the file to your PC. Be sure to save the file as “filename.jpg” if you don’t add the “.jpg” to your filename you won’t be able to open the file you just saved like a normal picture.

            Hope this helps.


            • travellingstrom said

              Excellent stuff, thanks for that it works a treat, I owe you a beer 🙂 Where are you from Chris, Florida somewhere is that correct, if you are the same Chris from the dragons tail campsite? Cheers Richard

              • Chris said

                I’m outside of State College, Pennsylvania. I’ve been following your journey since you got into the country. If you make it up into the center of Pennsylvania let me know. We’ve got a decent road or two in these parts.

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