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Day 173 – 30th May 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on May 30, 2009

Saturday – Port Wentworth, Georgia

After some photo sorting etc I left this town of many non drinkers, lol. They had a different idea about Memorial Day as well, a lot of small white crosses all around town with the names of the fallen on them. There were a lot of them as well, but from all the wars, not just the latest.

There was a nice old steam train near Jefferson.

Now, after this was a maze of ring roads around the city of Athens. I was listening to some David Bowie music, with some real strange lyrics and of course I was not really paying attention to where I was going, so I missed my turn off, this caused a major run around to get back on track. Check out the knot I tied on the clover leafs as I tried to get back where I needed to be, this was the tracks from my Garmin, I have no idea what knot it is 🙂

Just after Crawford I needed a wee break and the only place I could find was here, as you can see most of the sides of the road was drainage ditch, no place to park a bike anyway. While looking around I noticed these two buildings, at first I did not see the second one, it was so overgrown, but there is a brick building under all that stuff.

The next town was called Washington and it had some fine examples of old fashioned big houses.

Another small town called Sardis, the roads around here are nothing to speak about so I had to take photos of something else. This first structure is I have no idea what, but the old wooden building had two fire places, it must have been cold during winter.

Another rest stop a bit later on and a snack, I had filled my pockets at breakfast, not much shade around though before hitting the slab to Rincon where I fuelled up again.

I had no idea where I was in relation to the Florida border, but I asked a local chap at the servo about beer and bars etc, he told me to go to Port Wentworth, there was a stack of motels and a nice bar near there. Well, that was a plan I liked, so I did that and was soon set up in a Super 8 having some tucker. This is chicken ramen noodles with a can of Vienna sausages for extra body, this was better than some of the food I have eaten over here and paid good money for 🙂

I made sure I did some work first and posted a blog entry before wandering down the road only about 200m to the Island Grill.

They had a good sign up on the wall, I think I pass, but only because I know number 1 🙂

I had a few beers and met a few people, this is Michael from Michigan, he likes Ice Hockey, but I cannot see what it is they are hitting, way too fast for me 😉

General mayham.

That is Don on the left from Skokie IL, for some reason I never wrote down the other chaps name.

It was a tad dark about 11.30 when I wondered back up the road where I had left my bed, but I did not get lost and I stayed off the rum, it was Amberbock all night!

Yep, it was another good night 🙂

Day – 275 miles and 443 km
Trip – 12,054 miles and 19,399 km


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2 Responses to “Day 173 – 30th May 09”

  1. Christine said

    You know, your knot could be a mad variation of the “Jug Sling Hitch” knot. Could be useful for the next time you buy a bottle of rum 🙂

    • travellingstrom said

      Hi Chris, I heard you were back from China, how was it? What do you want for your birthday? Not a bad name for the knot either, well done 🙂 Richard

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