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Day 174 – 31st May 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on May 31, 2009

Sunday – Daytona Beach, Florida

Well, I got pulled up by the fuzz, but it did not hurt that bad and I eventually got to Daytona Beach to see Jim and Lesley, but no Guzzi riders were there, bummer

Well, as you can imagine after a TS Saturday night, Sunday morning was nothing to talk about. I woke late and a tad seedy, but managed to do some more on the blog which was behind a bit. I eventually left around 11am, Florida was just down the road according to the map and it would not be a big day.

Ahh, but Mr plod got me filtering in the wrong lane on the freeway, in fact he did a U-turn and waited on the side of the road and I wondered if he was going to chase me, well he did not have to, as soon as I saw the flashing lights I pulled over, hoping not to get breathalysed, I was a bit nervous actually. 😦

Actually, he was quite nice about the whole thing, he understood I was a tourist and did not know each states rules, I did apologise for doing it and he wrote me a warning ticket, no cost, no points, so that was lucky. He actually wanted to chat because he liked my accent, hahaha and he was quite happy to pose for a photo, knowing it would end up here, I even gave him my card. He was a nice bloke and just doing his job.

So, that was mile number 4 for the day, not a good start and it was warming up as well, I was sucking back the water. And this stuff did not help either, traffic lights on a major highway and I was not going to try and filter again, one warning is enough, mind you my panniers limit what I can do anyway.

Luckily, the road opened out a bit and although once again I stuck to the speed limit, I was passed by bloody everything, except bicycles!! But, I did not need to get pulled over again today, that is for sure.

I got to the Georgia state visitor centre where I asked for a Florida map, apparently this is a no no, they are so separate, how stupid, I was 3 miles from the border and got no info on the next state. Anyway, I scored a Georgia map for later when I went back north. It was shady anyway and worth the break from the heat as I was heading south into the summer.

The road after this was a real pain, heaps of road works and slow bits.

I did stop at the Florida visitor centre and got a map of the state and chatted with some people who liked the bike 🙂 After that about an hour or so later it cleared up a tad, but I could see major roads around, so it had potential for traffic chaos, this was a Sunday arvo around Jacksonville

Now, that is how all cop bikes should be 🙂 I think this bloke bought the bike and it still had all the insignia.

I then arrived at Daytona Beach about 3.30 pm, my first glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean from these shores 🙂

And I found the house where Jim and Lesley lived, but they were out of town up north working. They had arranged a key for me though, so that was good. I turned a blind eye to the red sign and concentrated on the black sign, I must be colour blind eh, but anyway, I was a guest and they were not around to argue the case 🙂 Actually, I was not allowed to park on the street, a tow away job if I did.

The people next door were holding a key for me and after saying G’day to them I managed to settle in and relax and even found an unsecured wifi connection which worked. I exchanged some phone calls with Lesley who explained how to work the lights, that was crazy and she also mentioned that if I turned around from where I was sitting and opened the cupboard, I would find something in there she bought for me specially. How wonderful are these people, bloody marvellous tell your ma! And I was even wearing the right bloody T-shirt as well, coincidence or what, Donunder, you need to meet these two next time, right up your alley I reckon 🙂

But, of course I was here to catch up on the blog and pick up my mail tomorrow and then head south maybe, so I got stuck into the yacka before heading down to the beach for a decko. I had no coke for the rum, so that was another issue to be solved later on. This is a very commercialised and touristy place as you can imagine.

I walked up and down the beach front for a while, but I had missed all the action as it was gone 7pm, so I found a nice little bar called the Mai Tai, they had live music and I just watched the life going on around me, with a beer in front of me 🙂 Why do they wear their caps backwards, I am going to ask one day.

I wandered back after a couple of beers and went up to a local Kangaroo shop for some coke and settled in with a major effort to get some photos sorted out. I had done something wrong one day and now they were out of sequence so I had no idea what I did those days. I eventually got it sorted with the help of the bundy bear, and crashed out well after midnight again!

Day –244 miles and 393 km
Trip – 12,298 miles and 19,792 km


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10 Responses to “Day 174 – 31st May 09”

  1. southroads said

    Hey Richard the scenery,s getting better,,and it

    sounds like the pub crawl, sorry, road trip is still goin allright,

    cheers and thanks for sharin,,


    • travellingstrom said

      You are correct, the scenery is better, I still have not found a real nice beer yet, still trying though 🙂 Richard

  2. windinhair said

    TS, loving the trip,the road side information placards are very interesting,thanks for posting them,black side down mate,ride safe.

  3. Robert said

    now this place looks like fun, your pictures from your trip so far look great.
    Looks like your having lots of fun, pity some of the roads aint so good.

  4. DS said

    Hey, I’ve lived here all my life and don’t understand the backward hat thing either… Maybe they don’t know any better…

    • travellingstrom said

      Hi DS, glad to hear from you, I am in your area, are you up for a beer 🙂 Go to Zors, there is a PM there for you Cheers TS

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