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Day 188 – 14th June 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on June 14, 2009

Sunday – Toronto, Ontario

Despite the late night I still woke up at 6am, this is becoming annoying. But, this time I could roll over and grab a bit more shuteye.

After finally getting up I started to write a blog entry of course. It was a lazy day, I spoke with a few people on the phone and caught up on emails etc.

I then got the new tent out and tried to put it up, but it was bigger than I expected and the room available made it difficult, but I managed enough so I could spray it with seam sealer. It has about a 5ft inside height, and a 7ftx7ft base. Although larger than I was expecting, it is a lot better than the old one I was using prior to this. Now to start using it sometime.

The place I was staying was backed onto parkland, so there was a lot of nature around including this squirrel, this is one of many of these 🙂

We spent the day just chatting etc before later in the afternoon, going to his daughters place for a BBQ, her two kids are a scream 🙂

I had quite a few beers left from last night, and as 340 was not drinking, it was no good letting them go off 🙂 After the dinner we ended up back at the flat and watched a bit of teev, until about dawn from memory. I know the only shows on were infomercials 🙂 A long night but fun.

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 18,529 miles and 29,820 km


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2 Responses to “Day 188 – 14th June 09”

  1. John aka 340 said

    I love that picture you shot of no legs aka Ilijah Richard. It also goes without saying you had your fan club of at least one groupie aka Tiahana. The camera battle was quite funny. Let be noted that when got back to my place it took Richard from about 11:PM to 5:AM when he finally went down for the count landing his head on my shoulder out cold. Just to bad I didn’t have Paul Anka’s song “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” cued in my cd player so I could of blasted it out @ around 100 walts per channel to wake him up. All in all though that entire time was a night to remember (at least for me). Thanks Richard for albeit short a great time we shared together m8.

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