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Day 191 – 17th June 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on June 17, 2009

Wednesday – North East, New York


Well, the forecast was for rain, it rained, so when I got up about 9ish, as I was still tired, I just went and paid for another night and went back to bed!

In the early afternoon, I got back up and started the laborious process of sorting through the Niagara Falls post, this took quite a few hours, but in the end it was done.

The outside had not changed, it was still wet and from all reports it was set in for the week 😦 This is outside my door, that is the bar across the lot.

I did some more prep work and also followed up on the TomTom problem. It was lucky I had brought my AC adaptor, so I could survive for quite a few hours on the road. If worst came to worst, I would modify a USB 5 Volt lead and supply power that way from the bike.

A hair of the dog was called for, so I did that and chatted with most of the same people from last night. I also found out some things about last night, no need to divulge them here though, hahaha. This is me, Jim, Jen, Dan and Eric, the rabbit ears kindly supplied by Tilt 🙂

It was a quiet night, great chatting with these people, amazing to find these places in the middle of nowhere. I bought some wings to eat later and they were very nice. An earlier night than I am used to lately, but very much needed.

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 18,808 miles and 30,269 km


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4 Responses to “Day 191 – 17th June 09”

  1. Art Wallace said

    Good morning, Richard. Hope you’re staying dry in this mess! Didn’t realize you were in the Buckeye state until I chatted with my dad yesterday. He’s a biker too so I’d sent him the linky to your blog awhile back. Looks like you’re not too far from Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course… We’ll be up that way in just over month for Vintage Motorcycle Days.

    Weather-guesser’s calling for 50/50 chance of rain here today & Sat. Sunday thru Tues is looking better!

    Gimme a call when you’re southbound again!

    • travellingstrom said

      Hi Art

      I am currently in Indianna and heading north to Michigan 🙂

      The days weather told me it would be a bitch of a day, so I wanted to get some miles under the belt.

      Do you realise I have no idea where you live? Please enlighten me 🙂

      Cheers Richard

      • Art Wallace said

        Yes, I noticed you got some really good mileage in today… I watched your Spot pretty closely as you ran I-71 southbound into Columbus, Ohio. You were only 40-minutes from my house then… I kept waiting for you to turn east on I-70 but when I saw you continue on I-71 figured you were off to other destinations.

        I’ll send you a PM with my contact info. Hopefully, I can convince you to back-track to Ohio. Steak or lamb chops? Beer, wine or both??


    • Yo!

      Have you read the latest news? There is something interesting happening, you may read it here

      Sent from a prehistoric stone tablet, TravellingStrom

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