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Day 192 – 18th June 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on June 18, 2009

Thursday – near Mansfield, Ohio

Well, it was raining still, but no way was I staying here for another night, so I packed up and headed off west. The first thing I noticed was that my TomTom GPS was now working fine, the bracket was performing like it should???? I have no idea why, and as their contact details are suspect, I may have to make a phone call to suss out the situation, even to report the fault, so it is on record, how annoying, but I am grateful it is working now.

It was only a short trip to the border of Ohio, but of course being on a highway, you cannot stop, so I managed to find an exit, get onto a country road and navigate back to the state border where there was a nice place to park.

I had looked at my atlas and it showed me that the road from Geneva south to Damascus, where the road ends was a scenic route. Hmm, once again, I am unsure on the definition, but I guess it was rolling hills etc but it was full of vineyards, so I am guessing due to the wineries, it is classified a scenic route.

Most of the road was like that, basically a straight road through small farming villages and grape vines, it went on for hours.

I eventually stopped at a Subway and grabbed a foot long and looked at the map for another re assessment of what to do. I wanted a quiet night, away from people and definitely no beer :), I know, strange I should say that, but a system flush is good once in a while.

I had some contacts in Ohio, but as I had no actual addresses, I had no idea which way would be useful to be. The only one I knew was north of Columbus, so I figured I could head that way and find a quiet place to stay. The rain had been off again, on again so I am not into tents at this moment. On southwards and you get to see a lot of these A frame roofs around, this means it snows around here.

I also noticed quite a few of these, I did not know there was oil out this far east, but there you go.

Once I got to the end of the road, I decided to try for some chain oil as I saw a repair shop. I had emailed Keiko where I bought it from in Germany and he had said get some synthetic chainsaw bar oil, so I tried again to get some. I went into 3 shops between here and after heading west and all of them had biodegradable oil only, which would damage my system, so I continued on.

Of course, being off the main roads, there are no motels, which I guess is common sense but it meant a lot of running around trying to find one. In the end I just picked one as I was tired and even though it was next to a pub, I was not intending to visit it.

I sorted a few things out and then sent another email to Keiko about my chain oil. I needed to know what else to use as the USA does not have the required stuff. This is unbelievable I know, but there you go, it has been quite a few weeks now I have wasted time trying to get the correct oil. I may even have to buy some from Europe and have it shipped ahead somewhere, which would mean another few weeks!

Anyway, some good news at last, my rear tyre is staying the distance, it has just clocked up over 6000 miles and the tread depth looks to be good for at least double that 🙂

I spent a quiet night inside, away from the thunderstorms that hit about 7pm and did a few blog updates. I sent some emails to local contacts as well, to see what is happening for Friday and onwards. The weather channel had its own interpretation on that, they said rain, hail, tornados and not much else for the next 4 days 😦

Day – 260 miles and 418 km
Trip – 19,068 miles and 30,687 km


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6 Responses to “Day 192 – 18th June 09”

  1. windinhair said

    Gidday TS,thought I had better mail you on your site as the mod on the v strom might go off as in “off topic” and start waving his AK47 around,The weather you are or will possibly encounter sounds ordinary,I am aware of the tornado season and seen heaps on nat geo,certainly not dome tent stuff albeit I thought that crap was down in the Texas/Florida area and from your Niagra post you are nearing Canada?cheers Don.

    • travellingstrom said


      I also thought it was down Alabama way and all that, but apparently no, it is up here also

      I am aware of it, so I should be fine.

      Yeah, K1W1 will go off his nut about posting off topic:)

      Cheers TS

  2. Jack Bowen said

    TS I see you are just south of me. (why anyone would be here I have no idea ? there ain’t nothing here) I would assume by the time you read this you will be some where else. I you want, come to 4245 w 400 s Lebanon Indiana or N 39.98080 W 086.54900. You can change you oil here. I need to go play at Wally World today. I will get a 6018 Fram filter and 3 qts of 15W40 Rotella. If you want something different call me and I will try to get it today. You can also stay at our dirty house or sleep in my yard. I will need the filter anyway if you don’t show. I assume we will miss each other as this post probly will be read when you are north or west of me.

    • Jack Bowen said

      Hey I’m home from Walmart and other shopping. I see you have gone back east. While you are in Columbus Ohio I would suggest going to the north west corner of Columbus in the Westerfield area and going to the Iron Pony. It is the biggest motorcycle accessory store I have ever been to. They like have everything. I got a filter and oil today If you need it. I ain’t out nothing as per I will need it in 2500 miles any how. Have fun being a Buckeye. PS you won’t read this in time for supper, but you are near Quaker State Wings. It is in the north north east corner of Columbus Ohio. It is kind of a bike place. Wensday night they use to have a really big bike night.

      • travellingstrom said

        Yep, missed all this info again, same answer as my last one.

        I was told about the Iron Pony, but did not need it as I found everything at a local shop.

        Cheers TS

    • travellingstrom said

      Hi there

      Just reading this now, 21st June at 8pm, so yes, sorry I am nowhere near you!

      Thanks for the offer anyway, I seem to be missing these because of the way I am posting, but I may have a solution, so thanks for posting as it helped.

      I went back to Ohio and did the oil change there, and sorted a few other things out, I am now in South Bend, OH and you seem to be 180 mile south. I am actually tomorrow heading west and north around the bottom of Chicago, hopefully missing all the traffic.

      I have not heard of a FRAM filter before yesterday, when I did, it got bad reviews, so I am not intending using them. That is only one opinion though, not mine even, I used a NAPA which are easy to get, but prefer Hi Flow if I can get them.

      Thanks again, by posting your comment, you have raised an issue which will be addressed when I catch up on the blog, regarding my location and direction etc

      Cheers Richard

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