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Day 209– 5th July 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on July 5, 2009

Sunday – Cody, Wyoming

Well, this will be an easy day to write up, I did bugger all 🙂 I woke late of course and decided to stay another day and relax. I just sat back in the shade and read the last half of the book I was reading, called Pandora’s Star.

Late in the afternoon when I had finished the book, and found I now have to go find the sequel, I went up to the store area and battled until after 9pm just to get a few days blog posted!! The internet connection was pitiful, but I managed in the end.

Had a burger for dinner and a quiet evening, tomorrow Yellowstone National Park for a few days, so don’t expect to hear from me, it depends on what campground I am at and whether there is internet or not.

Day 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 23,439 miles and 37,721 km


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4 Responses to “Day 209– 5th July 09”

  1. GrahamD said

    G’Day Richard,

    Great to see you had a bit of a bludge!

    Enjoy Yellowstone and the sequel 🙂


    • travellingstrom said

      Hi Graham

      I enjoyed the bludge, I enjoyed Yellowstone, but have not found the sequel yet.

      Cheers Richard

  2. Nick said


    Great stuff! I just finished all your entries for the US, now I need to start the Oz ones. My employer is not happy with the lost productivity over the last couple of days. 😉 You practically rode by my house here outside of Denver, if you come back this way, the beer is on me.


    • travellingstrom said

      Hi m8, slow down, and take the info in 🙂 I hated Denver, sorry but the traffic was too crazy and busy for me.

      Thanks for the offer though


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