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Day 223 – 19th July 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on July 19, 2009

Sunday – Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Well, it felt good sleeping in, no rush, get up and have a cup of hot chocolate, which is my new drink as tea tastes crap over here. I did bugger all for quite a few hours, but said goodbye to Bob and Heidi when they finally got packed up.

After a few hours I had nearly finished the book I was reading when I was asked a question by a lady walking past with her kids and family. Her name was Debbie and she asked me did I know a bloke called Sonny? For those that follow things, a month or so ago I was in Buffalo New York and having some beers in a bar and met this chap called Sonny, he was on the way to Miami in the morning. This is me and him back then!

Well, blow me down with a feather, this was his wife and kids, all the way over this end of the country, how about that for a coincidence!!! Well after a short chat they headed off to some place called the Badlands, up near Red Deer, wow heh!

After that little interlude, I managed to finish the book and I was intending writing some blog here, but the sun was too bright and when running on battery power, the screen was too dim. So, I headed off to find some internet. I did find a bit but the connection was very bad, so I ended up doing my washing and writing some stuff up while that was happening. Then I headed downhill to town, on a WiFi search.

Well, after an aborted attempt at Starbucks where they wanted $ I eventually found the Visitors Centre where they told me there is only 2 free wireless places in town, and you have to purchase something there to use it. Fine, I picked the Wild Flour Bakery and I was soon eating Carrot Cake and drinking orange juice while uploading a lot of pics and updating the blog.

They closed around 6pm so off I go back up the mountain to my camp and cook up some basic noodle tucker, I am not sick of this stuff yet, although I prefer the chicken to the pork 🙂

I had a new neighbour this evening, name of Clarry, he turned up with a mini caravan and an SV650 in the back of the ute. We had a quick chat but they were early sleepers.

I spent a few hours writing some more stuff, just to get caught up. I had uploaded a few days worth of photos, so I was planning to write with all the photo links included, so when I get to the internet, it is just post then view. This is only if the photos are up there already. Tomorrow I was planning a fairly long loop ride, but I would go and post a day at the Bakery before I left.

Day 12 miles and 19 km
Trip – 25,544 miles and 41,109 km


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