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Day 227 – 23rd July 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on July 23, 2009

Thursday – Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Well, needless to say I slept in, in fact I was woken by the phone from the front desk asking if I was leaving 🙂 Well yeah I was, but I had forgotten about the time zone change, so it was an hour later than I thought. Rush rush rush, get packed and on the road quick smart. It was quite a nice day, but the ride was pretty uneventful for the most part.

I stopped for lunch at Pink Mountain, which is just an everything place, but nothing. I mean, it has everything you need, but there is nothing else there, just a fuel stop really, but the microwaved tucker was nice(rib on a bun)

Then it was onwards and just a ride, nothing much to spruike about really, just a fast sweeping good road though the green countryside, which went for hours.

I eventually stopped at what I thought may be a fuel stop, but it was shut down, that was no good! This place was called Prophet River, but just over the road I saw what looked like a general store/workshop place and lucky me, it was 2.50pm and he was closing at 3pm, so I managed to fill up, whew.

I was only about 100km from Fort Nelson, but without fuel it was a lot further away, so lucky I managed to get some eh! I got there and found the visitors centre, who directed me to the camp ground. I was tired, last night catching up with me, but I managed to snaffle a tent site right next to the amenities.

Yep, that is correct, that car is backing out of my site, and the saloon is right next door, that could be a good thing or a bad thing!!! It did not take me long to go from this-

To this

Once settled in, I managed to get the internet sorted out, which meant plugging into power in the saloon where I had better reception. I bought a beer so I had a reason to be there and proceeded to write some stuff, check mail the usual. After a few hours I was nearly up to date, this was after a few more beers of course. I was joined at my table by Debbie, she was travelling by car, but rides a bike up where she lives in Alaska, in Elim, type that in google and see where it leads you!!! That place is isolated, 2 months of riding weather per year, not for this little black duck!

Anyway, we chatted for a while, I bought some bbq wings for dinner to soak up the beer 🙂 Debbie mentioned a few roads for me to ride and also mentioned the Northern Lights, or the Aurora Boralis,I really hope to be able to see them at some stage. According to this website she showed me, I can plan my night to maybe see them.

Anyway, it was not a late night as I was quite tired, so after doing as much as possible with the crap connection, I crashed out after posting 2 days worth.

Day 245 miles and 394 km
Trip – 26,665 miles and 42,913 km


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4 Responses to “Day 227 – 23rd July 09”

  1. Bill aka Netfather said

    LOL, so WTF is up with that SourToe shit eh? I woulda smacked that would be pirate in the face if he tried to rub that shit on my face. 😉

  2. DS said

    Have seen that Sour Toe place on television, the toe was drunk too… 🙂

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