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Day 241 – 6th August 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on August 6, 2009

Thursday – Fairbanks, Alaska —STILL—

Another easy day to write up as when I went outside to send a SPOT OK message, it was raining, the only good thing about this was it took a bit of the smoke out of the air, it was freezing as well 😦

I checked the forecast for the whole area and basically it is raining everywhere, so we could not even take the Denali Highway to get around the rain, and it was dirt, so stay off it. Another day please, this is the longest I have stayed in one place except for Salt Lake City, even Dawson City was only 3 nights and they had dancing girls with frilly knickers! When I mentioned that to the girls at the front desk, they said how did I know they weren’t wearing frilly knickers:) We left that conversation alone at this point of time, maybe continue at a later time 🙂

We spent a lazy day in our rooms before we went and bought some food and beer for a cookup in the kitchen. This is my pad for the past 4 days, as you can see it has that Richard has been here look 🙂

A slow evening, just reading some forums, I spoke to a chap called Roger in Wasilla, he advised of a few different things to see, including Mt McKinley and maybe a stopover in a small village called Talkeetna which is on the way south. We would probably ride out tomorrow as the rain would still be around, but as it is heading north, we should be able to ride through it.

Day 15 miles and 24 km
Trip – 29,234 miles and 47,047 km


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2 Responses to “Day 241 – 6th August 09”

  1. Donunder said

    Make the most of your enforced layover. Eat some decent food and get some rest. Recharge your batteries, your own that is, not all that space shuttle stuff you cart about with you.

    • Hi Don

      Sounds good, but the enforced layover is boring really. We are having a rest day again now in Wasilla before hopefully finding the sun tomorrow as we head to Anchorage. It is getting cold, time to head south!

      Cheers TS

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