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Day 258– 23rd August 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on August 23, 2009

Sunday – Cache Creek, British Columbia

My flue has flown 🙂

Yep, that is correct, my tried and trusted method of recovering from the flue worked. This is how Part II is supposed to happen. After a big night on the turps, I wake up real crook, pay for another nights stay and go back to bed. 8)

When I eventually get up in the late afternoon and have some breakfast/lunch/dinner I am nearly recovered from the hangover and have not given the wog another thought 🙂

So, after an evening of relaxing and listening to some new music, I get to go to sleep again and I have not blown my nose all day, yahoo 🙂

So, that is it, day over, back on the road tomorrow, the weather should be fine and although I have no idea which way to go, I will find a direction eventually 🙂

There are a few places I want to get to but cannot find the info I need for the closest one. There was one chap from near Vancouver who offered a workshop or something, which would be real handy, but I cannot find any info anywhere in my inbox, nor online in the forums I attend, so hopefully he will recontact me 😕

I also have been invited to Portland in Oregon, a place in Washington State is also on the table, somewhere in the centre, I also need to go to Boise Idaho for my Happy Trails repairs. The other place I would like to be is in Spokane Washington on or around the 3-4th September. This is the location for the end of the Iron Butt Competition I mentioned the other day. There are two Aussies in it that I know of, BeamerBird(Margaret Peart) and Davo from the Sunshine Coast. I have met both of these previously and been in contact via email and forums for a while now, so it would be good to meet up with them after the race. For those who don’t know, they are riding from Spartenburg-South Carolina to Spokane-Washington, with a distance of 11,000 miles in 11 days. Good on them in advance for the attempt, let alone finishing in any position 🙂

So, like I said, tomorrow should be a better day, I will probably head for Kamloops for a start, I may be able to get some oil there, if not at least I should be able to find a shop that I can go to the next day, unless I hear from the mysterious rider near Vancouver 🙂

Day 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 32,569 miles and 52,415 km


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