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Day 260– 25th August 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on August 25, 2009

Tuesday – Langley, British Columbia

My last day in Canada

Well, I only had a short ride today, first off I needed for the sun to dry out the condensation on the fly, I did not realise how much it gets, and this is on the inside, I must breathe heavy or something 😉 I then wanted to upload some more photos, yesterdays effort was a bit prone to failure, a bad net connection or something.

I did manage it with more failures, I then get a visit from mr grumpy the campground dude, he told me off for hogging all his bandwidth?? I guess they only allow enough for emails, not for site work, I was out of here anyway, so it was like water off a ducks back to me. I headed off into traffic, yep, back amongst civilisation and of course more people and trucks, but I only had a short run into Langley where I stopped for lunch.

Then I went to Holeshot Motorsports where once I had explained my request, they said yeah sure, you can do your own service out in the car park. So, I borrowed an oil pan and rags, bought some expensive Motul oil and did my long awaited service, at 4500 miles, a bit longer than I wanted, but never mind, no harm done.

Just as I was ready to leave, a bloke called Tony who works here came back from lunch, he is an Aussie but has been here for a long time, over 10 years, but is finally going back home soon. Nice meeting ya and I enjoyed the chat and thanks to Holeshot for allowing me to do my own work 🙂

Next stop after being allowed to use the phone was a motel a few miles away where Jim was staying. He lived in Virginia where I had missed having a beer with him there, but as he is now working here, I get another chance. So despite the rip off rate at the motel, we ended up having a great evening with a few beers at a local Irish bar to start with.

Our waitress was the lovely Ashley, very cute 🙂

Now, none of the girls had any idea what type of tartan they were wearing, so any Irish people out there know what this is?

After dinner we grabbed some beers and went back to my room to make a mess and continue what we started. Nice meeting you Jim, rubber side down when you get back on your bike m8 🙂

Day 75 miles and 121 km
Trip – 32,926 miles and 52,989 km


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3 Responses to “Day 260– 25th August 09”

  1. Jim Jones said

    Good to see you made it safely back into the states.
    Glad I was able to have a sit down and swap a few stories with you… Its the little things that brighten a persons day.
    Thanks for the ute link… keep the wind to your back, shiny side up and all that business.


  2. Vstrom Charlie said

    I believe that Tartan to be of the “Cute Ass Clan”.

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