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Day 261– 26th August 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on August 26, 2009

Wednesday – Darrington, Washington

Back in the US

A sort of late start to the day, not too bad actually considering the left overs from last night.

After packing I was off around 11am, no real urgency, just use up the last of the Canadian dollars and get across the border is the first goal. So, I chose Andergrove, as it was the closest town to me and the border, it was only a short hop until I could fuel up the tank and tummy and buy assorted goodies until the cash was gone 🙂

The border crossing had a bit of a line up, but I had no issues getting though and in no time I was claiming another state for my collection 🙂 I enjoyed my time up in Canada and Alaska, maybe if there is a next time I will look at the east coast for a comparison. 🙂

I had no real plan as I mentioned, so I just stayed away from the main roads and took some that may include some scenery or twisties.

I had seen the name of this town on the map and I really did expect a large factory with lots of different gadgets for sale to Coyotes to help catch Road Runners 🙂

There was nothing much there at all, so I continued on along the winding roads and eventually found a sign for my collection that goes to the top of the list 🙂 I did not actually see any though!

I found a real hard town a bit further down the track, who comes up with these names?

I kept on going east and south and after a few more country roads I arrived in Darrington around 4pm or so. I decided to look for a motel, I was a bit tired from lack of sleep and it seemed a nice quaint little town.

The direction I wanted to head was south again, but this meant a dirt road through the mountain range to Silverton and Granite Falls. I did not feel like playing in the dirt while tired, I would do that in the morning and maybe by then I would have some idea on which way to head, east or west!

Today was good just to get a feel for the change in distances in miles as compared to kms, and also to get a feel for the traffic again. And it is a lot warmer than up north, so that is another bonus 🙂 After some shopping and dinner I had a quiet evening, looking at maps, still no idea though!!!

Day 132 miles and 212 km
Trip – 33,058 miles and 53,202 km


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