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Day 267– 1st September 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 1, 2009

Tuesday – Ontario, Oregon

I had an early start for a change, after a great breakfast again, I was off by around 9am. Thanks a lot Chainsaw, nice meeting you and maybe we will see each other in Spokane for the Iron Butt finish. I had been advised the first part of the morning, at least until I got over the Cascades would be cool, especially up high, not wrong, but the roads made up for it 🙂

It was not long before the clouds were in the way, but visibility was till quite good.

That did not last long and I was soon in the sunshine and amongst what looked like the evidence of a major bushfire some time ago with a lot of dead trees around.

Because I was caught in slow traffic, I stopped for a photo opportunity to give the cars some lead time, this location looked at another volcano, this one has the distinctive shape, but no smoke from the top which is good 🙂

I arrived at Bend near lunchtime, so I grabbed a Subway again and some for later and after threading through some low foot hills I was amongst the flat lands between the Cascade and Rocky mountain ranges.

The country around here was a bit like home in a way, hot dry and brown, this went on for ages. I came across some new road and then the road works, there was a significant delay here and I had time to play around, I was bored 🙂

I eventually got on my way again and found a bit of history to break the monotony, nothing to see except the info sign though.

Over the next few hours it was just a ride through some low hills and valleys, quite fast, still warm, but I intended to stop soon anyway.

I did get amongst some irrigated farmland at some stage for a short while, before I was back in the dry countryside.

I wanted to get a photo of the Idaho state sign and because I needed to drop off the main roads, I decided to finish my day in Ontario, Oregon, I figured I am an hour from Boise, giving me time to go find a sign and also to get to Happy Trails before lunch tomorrow, I had a BBQ appointment in McCall tomorrow night, so things were happening, but time wise it should be no problem 🙂 I also needed to find a multimeter as Al had noticed my brake light not working on the ride yesterday, but to get to it I may need to remove my whole pannier rack assembly, not something I wanted to do twice, so I would wait until I got to Boise, buy a meter then go to Happy Trails, where I could do the work if need be. I have a BackOff modulator inline, so I need a meter to see if it is working correctly or if it is a bulb, no big deal, but nice to have brake lights ::

I had seen a sign for this motel and as I was going past checked it out, it turned out to be a nice place, quite cheap with brekky thrown in and the internet was a good speed as well. So I took the opportunity to get an update done on the blog and follow the IBR as well, while planning the next few days rides and stops.

Day 399 miles and 642 km
Trip – 34,426 miles and 55,403 km


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2 Responses to “Day 267– 1st September 09”

  1. Jack Bowen said

    Up and moving at 9:00 am. Your never up at 9:00. Good for you !! Worthless Alaskan bears. They let me down and I lost a bet. Oh well you are excellent entertainment, good to keep you around.

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