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Day 276– 10th September 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 10, 2009

Thursday – Veneta, Oregon

Well, the day dawned, if you could call it that, as the sun was nowhere to be seen over the lake we were camped at, a big fog bank, it was cold and dreary but time to get moving. Al called me in for a coffee before they headed off, my first coffee in the US I think? With plenty of sugar and milk it is bearable, thanks 🙂

So, I headed into Eugene and found the warehouse sale, bummer, it is only open Friday,Sat and Sun, so either I forget about it, or make an effort tomorrow when I was planning on hitting the road. It had been cool coming in and before I headed back I grabbed a Subway for breakfast 🙂

I got into Veneta just after 10am so the library was open at least and it seemed like a good day to be off the road for a change 🙂

Time passed as it does, writing posts, backing up last months photos ready to be sent home, a bit later than normal this time, but I managed to pass the day easily. I had left my phone back at the tent, so I did not get a message from Al about when they were back, but I sent an email to tell them around 5.30pm I would call stumps. Of course when I did so, outside had turned into a beautiful day, so it should be a nice evening 🙂

Now, on the way over the highway, I noticed a right turn traffic light, not a normal thing to see over here, so I want to try an explain something to the Aussies back home. Here in the US, they have a great way of making the traffic flow at red lights, back home we have red arrows for turning and so do they have here, but these lights are as I said not normal.

Now have a look at this basic intersection drawing I did, this is based for Aussies where we drive on the left, it is easier to explain that way 🙂

So, the car in the bottom left (A) is wanting to turn left, but he has a red light, there is no arrow at all in this example, so he has to wait until the light turns green. That is what happens normally, but if the US system was in place, this car, even though the light is red can STOP at the line, look to the right and if these is no traffic coming from the direction where I have marked a (B), then it is OK to turn 🙂 Very simple, very effective and it does keep traffic flowing, especially in peak hour.

Anyway, enough of the lessons, I got back to the RV park cum marina and there were quite a few boats, but not many actually out.

Al had got the truck bike ramp in position, we had discussed it last night and he was happy to show me how his Goldwing is stored, but we would use the Vstrom as the test 🙂 So, this is the basic set up, the bike is winched up in two stages.

The front wheel is rolled onto the wheel clamp block and strapped in.

Then the whole block and bike is winched up the ramp until it reaches the top where it is stopped, as can be seen in this video.

Once here, there are a couple of pins which are removed from one part so it can now move and the top part is then pinned into a lock position.

This allows the whole ramp to then be winched up and into the box, simple and quick, only a few minutes on a flat level surface, which we were not on. There are other straps etc to lock the bike down, and Al does let the suspension down on the wing, air suspension, a compressor fires up when he starts the bike after unloading it. I did look for the special computer that automatically calls his stockbroker, but it was not visible 🙂 😆

This is the mob that makes them, most are placed lengthways into a ute tray, but as the truck Al has is quite wide, there was no problem building a box to suit, what great idea.

Well after that and I had had a shower it was beer time again, just for something different 🙂 I had been trying to find the RV park operator, but the office is never open, I found out from the yardman bloke, she has been sick, so I will try and say G’day and thanks before I leave tomorrow.

BBQ chook and fried potatoes and veggies was served for dinner, Al is a great cook 🙂 Another evening chatting and telling all sorts of stories etc, very enjoyable. I had been in touch with RenoJohn and he had sent some options with regard routes, including a place to stay at his parents on Friday night, so that was a nice thought. But all I needed to do was arrive at his place Saturday night where I had been invited to stay a while, in fact for as long as I wanted, but a few days would suffice. My only confusion was which way to go, if I went via Crater Lake I would have a long way back up the coast to the giant Redwoods, which was what I really wanted to see, so I am in a bit of a quandary, never mind, alcohol and sleep will sort that out I am sure 🙂

Day 49 miles and 79 km
Trip – 35,842 miles and 57,682 km


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9 Responses to “Day 276– 10th September 09”

  1. pirate63 said

    g’day ts,great update,do you charge your laptop when travelling along?,bronc’s beat the titans.

    • Hi, Go the Broncos, on the charge 🙂 Best time of the year to come good 🙂

      I usually charge the pute in motel rooms, or libraries. I do have a 12V car charger which I can use while travelling, if it is needed, I have not used it often though. The one time I used it when the bike was stopped, I nearly drained the battery dead, so use it sparingly 🙂

      Cheers TS

    • Hi,

      Have you ever seen something like that? That is something really new and awesome, more information here

      Thanks for your consideration, TravellingStrom

  2. Becsta said

    Hey TS we do have some “turn on red light permitted after stopping” signs here, but no where near enough of them I reckon. Keep up the good work with the blog. I am still enjoying the journey and looking forward to the rest of it.

    • Hi Becsta, well that is news to me.

      They do not have many signs here to turn, only occasionally if there are lights involved, it is a rule of the road, the signs usually say ‘do not turn on red’ If it was a general rule back home, it would be better, but you live in Canberra, so it may be different there. I know I travelled around Australia last year and never saw one ?

      Thanks for the your support, go the Broncos 🙂

      Cheers Richard

  3. don hayward[windinhair] said

    TS,I know it must be so time consuming but I look forward to your up dates like some sort of serial on the tele,mate can you call in at a car wash and give that little strommy a tub soon.

    • Hi m8, it is a bit time consuming, but I like doing it, well most of the time 🙂 As it is my diary, I like to keep it going.

      Wash the bike, who would ever think of a thing like that, it will just get dirty again?

      I actually may wash it prior to entering Mexico, just in case there is an issue at the border

      Cheers TS

  4. Becsta said

    Well the mighty Sea Eagles are out so all I can hope for now is that the Broncos get knocked out soon as well.

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