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Day 277– 11th September 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 11, 2009

Friday – Crescent City, California

A great morning to move on today, here is the lake I was staying at, I was too late for the sunrise though 🙂

After a nice cooked brekky, thanks Al, it was pack up time, there was some dew so I needed the sun to dry it out first. Then, a bit later than planned I headed off, thanks a bunch Al and Ann, it was great seeing you and hard to leave actually, I had a great time, make sure you get to Oz soon 🙂

I went up to the office to meet the manager, still not there but the door was open for once. I donated some cash to a chap called Bob, for some reason I thought he needed to get to Washington for health reasons, I must have been confused, but it had cost me nothing here and he was the managers nephew 🙂

So, first off I head into Eugene again, along the same roads as yesterday but with the sun shining a lot more fun 🙂 I arrived at Circuit City and it was open, so I managed to get in for a look.

I found a cheapish camera, the same brand Olympus, this one had a 5x lens so I bought it. The reason for buying the same brand is the battery is the same size, same charger but with a US plug which is a bonus, same software on the pute and the menu system should be similar.

As it was nearly midday I went and grabbed a feed before heading west. I had originally been thinking of going to Crater Lake on the way to Reno, but I also wanted to see the giant Redwoods, so to do both was a major run around and back tracking, so in the end I had to make a choice. It was easy in the end, I had seen many lakes, plenty of water systems, trees it is 🙂 So, over a lunch I set up my new camera, took a few pics on its internal memory, I will need to get another XD card soon, that is why this post is late, I used two cameras during the day and it took a while to sort out what was taken when 😕

As it was now early afternoon, I slabbed it south, I did have a sort of goal in where I wanted to be tonight and there was no time to do the coast road, very slow over there.

Once I got to Grants Pass where I fuelled up, I had to leave the slab as now I needed to head towards the coast, the road was pretty good, but it was hot and had been for a while, it makes up for all the cold days I guess 🙂 I eventually got to the Californian border, I think I have one of these, but I am not sure so another one is easy to get here 🙂

The ride down was just a ride, now the fun starts 🙂 Into the Redwood forest and amongst the twisties again, it is also cooler under the shade.

I was trying to use the new camera, it is a lot lighter and of course not drop nor waterproof, but it seems to be doing what I need, when I download the photos will be the proof(which is what we see now, so all is good). The road followed a river canyon for a while before I got to a ranger station where I grabbed some information.

One of the bits of info was that it was about 4 hours to Redding which had been my goal for the day, he said it was a very winding road and people can get seasick because of all the twists and turns, up and down, now that sounds like my type of road 😆 😆 😆 Well, as it was now nearly 5pm I could see that would be out of my reach as it would mean at least 8pm depends on how many RVs and trucks I have to pass etc. So I decided to head on towards the coast and see what happens, the coast would be a more touristy place so the rooms would be more expensive, hence the reason for a room near the interstate. Straightaway I was amongst these giant trees, very impressive, they remind me of the Tingle trees in Western Australia, but these are a lot older.

Oh, did I mention the twisties 🙂

These were a more technical type, because having sunglasses on amongst the trees made it dark, but the sun shone through in parts that nearly blinded you, at least there was no cliffs to drive over though and the trees should act as a good brake 🙂 This did not last very long and I was soon waiting at a traffic light in Crescent City. Just across the road was a motel and I decided to quit for the day, this would give me a chance for blog catch up prior to more socialising with RenoJohn tomorrow. It also meant a longish day of over 400 miles, so an early start was needed and despite the fact it was Friday night, it was an AFD for me. I used the time in setting up the camera properly and doing an update or two.

Day 256 miles and 412 km
Trip – 36,098 miles and 58,094 km


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6 Responses to “Day 277– 11th September 09”

  1. Muddy922 said

    Crater Lake is like no other lake!!!!! It sits on top of a collapsed volcano. By far one of the most scenic lakes in the world. Red woods are just big trees.

    • Hi, that may be so, but I have seen more lakes than you can poke a stick at here in the US, Alaska and Canada, really, trees are fun, sometimes I have to make choices, I am sorry if my choices bother you 🙂

      Cheers TS

  2. don hayward[windinhair] said

    Still with you TS,love the blog,Now for some pics of those California girls,each one a song in the makin.

  3. That is an wonderful images.I am also like you that loves travelling.
    Your courage is excellent.You love your child too much that is amazing to see.I am never see trees like that.I can’t imagin that how big trees that are.Can you tell me where that all trees are?

    • Hi there froggy

      I think you may be spam, but I am unsure, so I will let you through because of your nice comments, if you reply to this reply, I will know you are at least human and I will answer your comments 🙂

      Cheers TS

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