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Day 280– 14th September 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 14, 2009

Monday – Reno, Nevada

Stuck here again 😦

Not much to say about today, I woke up and worked on the blog for a while and phoned John, all I got was a message bank but it is Monday and he would be back at work so I left a message. I had pretty much had everything packed anyway, so that was no issue. But, basically it was another wasted day, I sent emails and made a few more phone calls trying to find out what was happening, but I got no response, I was very disappointed. I knew I could stay until about 3pm, so I used the time to chase up some other things, like stuff I would need down south, I had made contact with Sandiegoland, another Vstrom rider and was trying to coordinate some workshop time with him.

In the end I had no choice as far as that was concerned, he was only available this Friday through to Monday, as the following weekend he was busy, but I had to be out of the country by then anyway. I also wanted to see my internet m8 Ziggy, before then. So, I made a decision, whatever happens, Reno has been a bust and I would ride out tomorrow, whatever happens

So, my plan which needed confirming was to ride to Ziggy’s tomorrow, via Carson City to pick up some parts, stay a few nights and then ride to San Diego Thursday and sort out the bike over the weekend, with a Sunday ride included, sounds good.

This all took a while and I was asked by security at 3pm whether I was leaving, as I had not heard anything from John, I had to go down and change rooms, at my own expense this time and did so. I was now in the west wing and had a different view of the streets 🙂

I did some more planning for the next few weeks after this for a short while. Some people have commented about my missing certain things recently, and I agree I have seen some and missed some. I have to say that there is a reason for that. I am quickly getting out of US tourist mode and just as quickly getting into Mexico mode. My US visa runs out in 9 days, during that time I have to prep the bike(which means new tyres, brake pads, spark plugs, get the headset bearing seen to)sort out travel documents, photocopy heaps, send unwanted stuff home, scan documents again, buy things I may not be able to get down south.

All these things are constantly running through my mind, so I am pretty much officially not a tourist anymore, well after Hangtown anyway 🙂

So, if I missed the Crater Lake, the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite NP, highway 101 and a few other things, well, so be it, they are only things I want to see and do, the ones I listed above are things I NEED to do prior to leaving the states. I cannot stay beyond the 26th, if I do, I am officially an illegal alien and that would hinder my return next year to sell the bike and fly home.

OK, enough bullshit, I made some more phone calls and with Sandiegolands help, he did a lot of phoning on my behalf, so thanks for that, I managed to order two tyres and pay over the phone, they will be at his place this weekend. He also lined up a tech day maybe for Saturday where I could get my steering headset looked at 🙂

After all this it was beer time again 🙂 As I was in a different tower, there were a few new things to see, this is one of them, a very precise scale which stood about 3 ft tall 🙂

I did not do much except watch Monday night footy, had some nosh and a few beers before an early night, I was trying not to get sucked into the casino habit again, them free beers are expensive 😉

I did manage to contact Ziggy, come on down he said, he is expecting me, great stuff and really looking forward to meeting him after all these years 🙂

Day 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 36,526 miles and 58,783 km


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10 Responses to “Day 280– 14th September 09”

  1. ziggy said

    Just had to post a little something here, as not to offend, but to defend your memory, and not rush the subject…that you need “4” spark plugs my friend. LOL

    Hey, looking forward to your future posts. Take care.


  2. ziggy said

    LOL…just thought I would give you a friendly cheer. Hope you have a splendid time down there in San Diego. Like I mentioned, there is a place called “Black’s Beach“…I went there, unknowingly, back in ’73…boy, was I embarrassed and hung for a loss of words all at the same time…shrinkage, was NOT on any game plan..! LOL

  3. Duane said

    Hey Richard,
    It’s OK you “missed” some popular sights. I think you more than made up for that with all the less-known places and people you connected with. Your journey is way more than that of a typical tourist! Cheers to you!


  4. Beastie said

    Good to finally meet up with you there @ Poor Reds. Enjoyed the evening, stories of travel etc… I’ll keep an eye on this blog from time to time, see how yer doing with the ‘other’ american experience. I presume you’ll be traveling beyond mexico..? guess I should have asked you that when you were chowing BBQ ribs… lol. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing pics of argentina, if you get down that way, i hear there are a couple smallish towns down low there with predominantly british ex-pats. (ie: a globe treker show i was watching a year or so ago). looking forward to the mexico entries.

    godspeed my friend, with the wind at yer back.


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