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Day 281– 15th September 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 15, 2009

Tuesday – Hangtown, California

Hangtown here I come 🙂

Well, it was good to have somewhere to go after sitting idle for two days. I did get an email from John apologising, a bad day at work, missus still crook and the nanny had a flat car battery, so he had a bad day. I hope things work out better from now on John, nice to have met you anyway 🙂 I was packed and ready to go around 9am, it was no use rushing because the shop I was heading to did not open until 10am. So, my last view of the Nugget thankfully and onto some slow speed zone freeways to Carson City, just up the road a ways about 30 miles.

My destination was Adventure MotoStuff where I met Chad again and bought a whole lot of goodies that I would need this weekend. Some new brake pads, spark plugs, spare clutch/brake levers and some filters and a different compressor, I need a smaller one that I can access more readily, the current one is in the big red bag, too much hassle to get out quickly. The spark plugs were the Iridium ones and it seems I made a boo boo a while back. 😳 This bike had four plugs, when I did the change a while back I only did the 2, oh well, it has not been running bad, so no damage done.

Chad also noticed my rear right indicator lens was smashed, this was originally the front left that got trashed at Bear Tooth Pass, but he had a spare one and gave it to me, thanks m8 🙂

Just before I left I noticed the shop bike which is used in demonstrations and displays was looking decidedly ‘used’. In fact one of the co workers mentioned it now had the “Nevada Pin Striping” which is what you get when you run off the road in the desert amongst all the sage brush 🙂 I guess some detail work is needed before it is shown around again 🙂

After emptying my wallet at his shop I bid Chad farewell, thanks for having what I needed,(his shop specialises in Vstroms). I then headed up into the mountains past Lake Tahao, there some nice views up here and of course nice roads as well 🙂

After negotiating the tourist traffic through the lake area I had a small break to remove a layer and readjust the music, sometime the iPod shuffles some crap songs into the sequence. If I could read what music was playing I could probably delete it, but with a shot screen it is mostly guesswork 🙂

So I had some pleasant riding over the next hour or so, through the valleys and up and down until I eventually arrived at Hangtown 🙂

Hangtown, this place is called Placerville and don’t you forget it! Well, aparently a few years ago some people on the council managed to get their way and officially remove the name Hangtown from the town, what a loss to history. Anyway, after ignoring the pleas of my GPS to turn here, I blissfully kept on going, after making a phone call to Ziggy, I turned back and yes, the GPS was right for a change, obviously no one has read to it the story about “the GPS who cried wolf!!!” 😳 Anyway, after about 10 years of online chat we finally met and he was just like I expected, not 🙂 His music shed was, he had told me many times he collected real music, none of this fancy schmancy CD stuff, we are talking about LP’s 🙂

After the initial hellos etc he took me around the locals and introduced me, it seems I was expected 🙂 This is Marion, new hip the other week and nearly as right as rain, she will be up and running again soon 🙂

Thanks for the place to sleep and the dinner was excellent, thanks also to April who helped and of course Judy, Henry’s better half 🙂 Oh, and them eyes under the table belong to Buddy >)

We went and met a few other neighbours before an early night was called for, although I stayed up for a while writing some blog. No internet here for me unless I plugged in a cable in Ziggy’s studio, but no worries there, tomorrow is as good as today 🙂

Day 135 miles and 217 km
Trip – 36,661 miles and 59,000 km


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7 Responses to “Day 281– 15th September 09”

  1. ziggy said

    Where did you pick up Bigfoot..? LOL

  2. netfather said

    Hell, I thought it was Hangtown Harry. ;D Richard don’t forget to let Zigmeister copy your Aussie Pink Floyd dvd.

  3. ziggy said

    Hey Netpoops, I just got home, from an all-day errand, I had to run, and listened to your message on the tellie. Sounds fun, if you can ever catch me. I like to listen to the thing ring-a-ding-a-ling. I hardly pick the damn thing up, unless I am expecting a call.

    Let me know, and I will try my darndess (LOL), to catch your call. I am off and running for about a couple hours tonight.

    You can use the following email address…

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