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Day 290– 24th September 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 24, 2009

Thursday – San Diego, California

Well, this is an easy day to write up.

I basically sat down and wrote a few days of blog, there was a bit of effort involved which was why it took so long.

I was expecting to have time to do some study on Mexico but this never eventuated. Anyway, I am still a bit behind, but tomorrow I will be on the road, I have not decided on the direction yet, whether to go south into Mexico or head east a bit and have a relax before the crossing 🙂 I checked my Visa and I now find I am good to stay until the 29th September, not the 26th as I had previously thought, it was just the stamp that looked funny 🙂

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 37,591 miles and 60,497 km



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14 Responses to “Day 290– 24th September 09”

  1. Beastie said

    I say relax, study up, enjoy the next couple days.

    just a thought. before you enter the drugs war zone.

  2. ybg said

    “eventuated” What is that?

    Give yourself a days grace. Just in case you get turned back, you can turn around a try again. You don’t wanna spend the next several weeks living in no mans land.


    • It means I never had the time then, I am doing that now.

      I will be going in tomorrow which is a day early, I have all the docs I need, I just need to buy a tourist card and bike insurance at the border

  3. GrahamD said

    Hey Richard

    Your spot track page has all changed!

    According to the page you have not moved since 3:50PM on Friday 25th and you are stuck between Piedra and Gila Bend on Route 84.

    Is this yet another technical glitch to prevent you from getting bored 🙂 or am I a dufus?

    As always thanks for the updates, enjoy reading the travels every day (or so)


  4. Donunder said

    Hi Rich,
    I was in Gila Bend almost 20 years ago to the day: it was late October actually. Craig and I had been advised not to use a particular laundromat because Mexicans and Indians were involved in racial violence over the distribution of certain illegal substances there. We were at the “nicer” one next to a Wendy’s up at the local shopping centre when a guy backed out of the supermarket with a handgun, jumped into a waiting F100 and took off with the supermarket manager blazing away at him with a shottie. Just as well we didn’t go to the “rough” joint! We headed for Phoenix and passed through Buckeye, another eye-opener, but that’s another story… Camino seguro amigo.

  5. Beastie said

    am thinkin the further south you go the wilder this old wild-west is goin’ to get. lots to write about in future episodes…
    lookin forward to them stories.

    thanx for the contribution, that helps balance the states budget.
    i had to laugh. I know that feeling you were aptly getting across, after your visit with DMV. what was that you said? “CRIKEY!” I think it was? sure gets the point across…. yesuree (yes-sir-ee).

    : }

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