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Day 293– 27th September 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on September 27, 2009

Sunday – Gila Bend, Arizona

After yesterday’s rest day I had some things I needed to get done today. First off was the blog, Friday was a long one so that took a fair amount of time to get done. I left Saturday as it was a shorty and could be done in the morning, same as today most likely 🙂

I also chased some more info on Mexico, the DFAT site was a bit scary(Department of Foreign Affairs) but as I was going to be cautious anyway, I felt nervous but OK with it.

My main concern will be to keep the bike safe, but until I get down there I have no idea what to expect with regards motels/hotels places to stay etc. It would be nice to park the bike safely and use foot to look around places, we shall see 🙂

Anyway, after a day of toil I went out for some dinner, I rode up and down and eventually decided on some BBQ chicken wings, nice tucker 🙂

After that, I went for a couple of beers, but I did not stay long, the new bar lady was making salsa and it made my eyes water, so I could not stay there any longer. Probably a good thing as I wanted to get an early start for the border in the morning. I finished off my book before getting some shut eye.

Just a note here, I am writing this prior to leaving on Monday morning, I have no idea of what internet services are going to be like, so this page may not be updated for a while. I am planning on going to Hermosillo as my first destination, assuming I am allowed in the country. Cheers TS

Day – 6 miles and 10 km
Trip – 37,896 miles and 60,988 km



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17 Responses to “Day 293– 27th September 09”

  1. Al & Ann said

    Have tissues handy as your eyes will be probably be watering daily. LOL! Buen Viaje!!

  2. Duane said

    Have fun south of the border! I hope you are able to keep us updated.


  3. ybg said

    When it comes to security, if it is visible, it is gone. When someone approaches you and says “I’ll look after you bike while you’re gone” it maybe best to give what he is asking, ie 5-10 bucks”. It’s probably his street. But it depends on the town and the neighbourhood. I would ask the motel to look after things for ya. Same as you would do in South East Asia. In Africa, we called them the guard mafia. I chased them off once and when I came back my antenna, mirrors, etc were broken. No sweat, it was a rental.

    The times I spent in Mexico, I only met good people, in fact the times I’ve spent in most countries I only met good people. Keep that flag visible. It is a fabulous country, a respectful and welcoming people. Just enjoy the ride.

    ça roule – disfrute del paseo


  4. Kevin said


    Two brothers from Washington state finished a trip to Tierra del Fuego last May. They did a blog with SPOT tracks as are you. The site is They write alot about border crossings and finding lodging. They never stopped where they could take their bike into the motel. As odd as it may seem, that is not a real problem in countries the rest of your trip south. They NEVER left them unattended unless it was with an air cartage country or with border customs officers. There should be a contact email on their site. I am sure they will be happy to give you some tips on staying safe. Good luck,


  5. Kevin said


    I goofed. They never stopped where they could NOT take their bikes inside of the hotel lobby or a locked compound. Sorry for any confusion.


  6. Jack Bowen said

    What the hell is that I see way south of me…. Oh.. my god. It is Travellingstrom with a sombrallo on his head. Have fun you !!!

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