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Day 302– 6th October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 6, 2009

Tuesday – Hildgago Del Parral, Mexico

I woke up at my usual time and started a blog update as well as posting a previous entry and answering emails etc. It turns out the cafe was open in the hotel so around 8am we went and had some breakfast. I had asked for tea and was shown three different types, cinnamon, rose and a lemon tea but no black normal tea, what a bummer, but then I remembered about my stash that had been bought for me as a farewell gift and with some hot water and milk, Bob’s your uncle:) Thanks a lot LisaDiegoLand for the gift, just what the doctor ordered 🙂

Anyway, after a bit of mucking around we hit the road around 11 or so, it was not going to be a big day and we had lots to catch up on now we had internet after 3 days without.

The road had it’s own little hazards but was fun for the most part to start with and some nice views as well.

A bit of a break to remove a liner and then onwards, it was a nice ride, nothing fancy or strenuous.

Now, this is a normal thing that happens on the roads here, on a mountain bend that curves to the left, the old Coke truck wants to pass and does so!

Needless to say, we did too as it seems the norm, if there are any road rules they are pretty much ignored. After a few more twisty bits we were stopped at a military checkpoint again, look in a few bags, I was asked if I had any coke or grass, of course I said no!!! As if I would say yes if I had any anyway, doh 😉 The military checkpoint is just behind the bikes, I was told to put my camera away when we were near them 🙂

A few more hills, a few more small towns with topes and watch out for steak on the hoof!!

Aha, welcome to Parral where we found ourselves a nice little motel that Vincent had seen on Lonely Planet, it was quite cheap and seemed like a full on apartment type thing, very posh for smelly bikers 😆 The first thing to do was hit the laundry and do some shopping, we had passed one coming in so we headed back there.

Here was a surprise, Auzzie wine from Perth and not that expensive, the exchange rate is AU$1 = MX$12 so this is about AU$14, although I don’t drink wine yet, too many beers to try 😉

We had seen a food place across the road and so we had some late lunch, it was pretty good, a spag bol Mexican style :)So, the laundry was done, the shopping done, now we could go and have a look around, this was after finding the internet signal was crap, bugger! There was a nice view of a big statue on the hill being lit up by the setting sun.

After a walk around the main town area, where I managed to find a Mexican flag sticker for my pannier, we eventually found a small bar that was comfortable to sit in, and we had a few beers, as you do in a strange town. It turns out that the drinking places here are like the pubs back home years ago, that is, only one brand of beer to each joint, this one happened to be Medelo which produces Corona.

We had an early night, mainly to try and catch up on some stuff and pre plan for what is ahead. I spent a bit of time tracing the internet fault and one of them seemed to be a bad cable between the ISP router and the WiFi transmitter, once that was sorted the connection was good, but still no internet, very weird 😕 Lucky there was a free signal available in the foyer from a local place so I could do a post, uploading photos is a pain sometimes! Anyway, tomorrow would not be a big day, just a 5 hour run to Durango which my GPS has no idea about, but the Garmin of Vincent’s was fine, so either way I am following navigation instructions from Holland! TomTom is Dutch and so is Vincent 🙂

Day – 127 miles and 204 km
Trip – 38,887 miles and 62,583 km



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2 Responses to “Day 302– 6th October 09”

  1. Craig said

    Three cheers for Lisa! She knows about the occasional difficulties of obtaining appropriate morning beverages on the road… 😉

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