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Day 304– 8th October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 8, 2009

Thursday – Aguacalientas, Mexico

After a breakfast delivered from up the street I decided to clean my water bladder, this was an issue as the drinking tube seemed to be blocked with some deposits or something. After a major struggle with a bit of wire I got it all out, that is when I found it was the pipe liner which had come away from the tube and had a lot of brown crap on it, no wonder the water has been a bit off lately 😕

We managed to get some internet and did some work before navigating the bikes out of the foyer and back on the road late morning, these late mornings are becoming too late for me, I need to leave earlier I feel. Mind you once on the streets having an ambulance following you through these crazy drivers I reckon is a good thing 🙂 After fuelling up on the outskirts of town and making sure the tyres were correct we headed south. The goal today was down near or past Zacapatas, as close to Mexico City as possible depending on light etc.

The roads were pretty straight and it was just a distance day anyway. I mentioned the other day about the road rules etc, well here is a classic example, there is a ‘no overtaking’ sign to the right of the double centre lines and the white ute just ignored it as everyone seems to do over here!!

More straight roads, more villages with topes to slow you down and they do work 🙂 Then we stopped for fuel and food at a small spot on the map and from a small vendor, the food was very nice, basic but cheap and did the trick. 🙂

Just as we were leaving this storm cloud rolled over us and it started to rain, V stopped to put gear on while I bolted up the road a few kms to the leading edge and donned the wets there.

Onwards into the rain then after a short while it was clear but still cool and it looked threatening for a while. We came to a toll booth again where we dropped the wet gear, just after this was a major brewery where they made Corona, a very large place and probably needed to be 🙂

Later on during the afternoon we noticed the rain clouds ahead so once again we pulled over and donned the gear, not a moment too soon either 🙂

Due to the rain I had no useable camera as it was in the tank bag but a fair while later we were singled out by a military checkpoint and had to open some bags etc, the camera was there and seemed to click of it’s own accord 😉

We were sent on our way after only a short delay and after a bit more riding we came to the town of Aguacalientas. Here we spotted a lot of big hotels etc and after a bit of mucking around, we managed to head back to one I had seen on the way in and we were soon booked into a very posh looking motel, it even had lock up garages 🙂 When I asked the dude for a ground floor room, he sort of gave a funny look and said it is OK, well no wonder, the rooms were above the garage 😆

The rooms were posh as I mentioned and we had internet, very cool 🙂 We went up to the bar area for a beer and food, it was empty which always makes us a bit wary, but the T-bone I chose was quite good and quite cheap too 🙂

Damm refried beans turn up everywhere, but I ignored them and they did me no harm!! It was a quiet evening, just catching up on the blog again and I spoke to Gary in Mexico City as to arrival times etc. He advised Sunday morning would be best and we could go see the Pyramids after we stash the bikes, so that would be great 🙂 This also meant either two small day rides or one biggish one and spend two nights in the same place, we decided on the latter.

Day – 274 miles and 441 km
Trip – 39,436 miles and 63,436 km



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2 Responses to “Day 304– 8th October 09”

  1. ybg said

    Enjoy the pyramids.

    They’re fantastic.


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