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Day 309 – 13th October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 13, 2009

Tuesday – Ciudad De Mexico,(Mexico City), Mexico

Camera problems, not many pics

I was up early and posting and then after brekky, with Gary’s help, chased up a lawyer. The one given to me by the Auzzie embassy was as useful as tits on a bull! They were supposed to be English speaking but that was incorrect 😦 Gary did a round of some people he knew, and after a short time scored a direct hit 🙂 I was to meet a lady lawyer called Sarelba at 3.30pm at a shopping mall where she would read the info and sign it, if she wanted to of course 🙂

Anyway, that was all good, this meant I could concentrate on getting another camera then do some sightseeing in the city, but getting a camera was the most important at this time. There was a place in the middle of town which was a pawn shop since the 1700’s, so that was my first goal, to see if they had any 2nd hand ones as the new prices here in Mexico City were expensive!

I once again headed into town via the bus/subway network with my camera battery and XD card in my pocket, whatever happened I was buying an Olympus as I had all the gear for that brand. It took a lot less time to get into the main square than I had thought, but I had missed the morning rush hour. There were some demonstrations happening up here, mainly from the electricity workers whose company had been sacked by the government and the electricity supply had been taken over by the government due to bad work commitments or something.

I found the pawn shop after ducking into micky d’s for a leak, there are very few public dunnies around that I could see. This pawn shop did not handle anything but watches and jewellery, but they pointed me to another building about 3 blocks away which had the same name, but handled all the electric and electronic stuff. This took a bit of finding, but eventually after a lot of questions asked of local policemen, I found the building. Once through security I found the area I needed and then had only one choice of Olympus camera. They had plenty of Sony,Canon and Samsung etc, but this particular camera was all weather, the battery and XD card I brought with me fitted in, it had all the accessories(or so I thought at the time) and I ended up buying it for AU$80. 🙂

Now I was in a dilemma, because I had not used my camera yesterday after dropping it, I still had images on it and had forgotten to do the daily upload, and this camera would probably want to format it, bummer. No worries, I can use the internal memory and be limited in my shots until I get back to the house. 🙂

So, I met up with Vincent for lunch and then had to bolt to the post office, where I sent some stuff home and then after a bit more walking, found the Turkey Plaza where there was a 4 faced clock and a statue of a frog playing a lute. You will have to take my word on all this because the damm camera did not come with a USB lead to get the images off 😦 I would need to find one somewhere and edit this page.

After that photo which is all I had time for it was rush back to the subway and get myself to the shopping centre, which also involved a taxi ride at the end of the train line. I got there just a tad late and met Sarelba and her husband Ignacio who were having a late lunch. They read my paperwork and signed it, photos stuck in camera, and once that was finished we had a bit of a chat. If you need any work done maybe give her a call 🙂

One of the funny things to come out of the conversation was their belief (they had read it in the papers so it must be true) that crop circles had been proven to have been caused by Kangaroos!!!!! Yep, this was reported somewhere in a Mexican paper, apparently, the roos get a bit of a kick(read drug) out of the stuff in the crops and bounce around madly in weird circles 😆 😆 😆 Man, I had to laugh at that, but there you go. I explained the fact that crop circles turn up in England, Europe, USA etc and they do not have wild roos, so who knows what that reporter was drinking at the time!!!

Anyway, after that we parted, thanks very much Sarelba for being a witness, I appreciate it 🙂 I grabbed a cab back to the house and had the paperwork scanned for sending home and had a quiet evening chatting and doing some more on the blog etc.

I was riding out tomorrow, at a different time to Vincent who had a meeting in town, but we would probably meet up at the destination town of Minatitlan, on the way to Palenque.

Here are a couple of local street photos, this is all I managed to take after clearing off the XD card.

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 39,839 miles and 64,115 km



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3 Responses to “Day 309 – 13th October 09”

  1. Craig said

    Great progress man! Sorry about starting that Kangaroo/Crop-Circle hoax. It was years ago when we were sending that fax about for a good laugh. Must’ve misdialed someone down in that area… 😉

  2. build said

    G’day Craig,
    That is no hoax mate, it’s true! but they are not your normal Roo they are more closely related to the Drop Bear, you know, fangs, huge claws, etc. Oh and big foots.


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