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Day 311 – 15th October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 15, 2009

Thursday – Palenque, Mexico

A normal start to the day, check online, then some breakfast around 8 or so, before packing up and heading out, V was nowhere to be seen, I did not expect to see him until Palenque maybe. Just north of town was a big steep bridge, I thought the one yesterday was it, but no, I was a day ahead of myself 🙂 From the top I had great views, but I could see rain ahead and it was already sweltering so that would not be fun if I had to don the gear!

Well, that did not last long, as soon as I got to the first toll gate it started to piss down, lucky there was a shelter after paying the man, I could get the gear on in the dry, by crikey it was steamy though!

Lucky for me it did not last too long, only about 25minutes, so I took the next fuel stop to shed the wets, the chaps here liked the bike and wanted to get into the photo 🙂

After that it was just ride through the muggy heat, I crossed over a bridge and to the left I could see a submarine bridge, who knows whether it was an earthquake or it just fell down, but I am glad I was on the dry one 🙂

I entered the state of Tabasco, where the sauce originated, but as I don’t like stuff that hot, I did not stop 🙂 At each of the state’s borders there is usually a military checkpoint and sometimes a quarantine station, today no military just the other.

More fast slab Mexico style and more toll gates, this road is costing a small fortune!!! But, this is better than copping all the topes on the free roads, so it is a choice of speed or no speed 🙂

Now here is where the Mexicans get smart, now that I was no longer on a toll road, (don’t ask me how this happened as I have no idea), whenever they are the bigger topes, they hang out and try and sell things because they have a captive audience nearly 🙂

I fuelled up again around 1.30 as it seems wise to get fuel when you get towards half a tank, I also wanted some lunch but there was nothing hot, in the end I settled for crap snacks and a half can of coke, I have not seen one of those for yonks!!! 🙂

I was not far from Palenque now which was good because I was melting and in a short while I was riding around town looking for an aircon motel.

I eventually found one that was offering a discounted deal, well 795P instead of 1100P which included breakfast, sounded OK to me. I booked in and went back through town to the laundry I had seen, I negotiated a deal with the operator (no user machines here) and my clothes would be ready around 6pm, so that gave me a chance for a shower and a relax in the aircon room, once it had taken effect 🙂 The internet worked without me having to fix it for a change so that was good 🙂 There were replicas of the Maya carvings all over the place, very touristy, but that was what I was here for after all 🙂

Palenque has the Pyramid of the Inscriptions where there is a tomb right at the bottom inside and a stairwell to the top, which has been closed for over 8 years as I found out 😦 Bummer, but the lid of the tomb has carvings on it which have been very much debated about. The lid also weighs 3 tonnes and is too big to get in or out, so that means the pyramid was built over the tomb. Anyway, that is for tomorrow, for now, after I went and picked up my clothes, I did a round of the bars as the street I was on was hotel street, but it was damm near empty, no tourists really, it is off season, so I ended up watching baseball in a noisy bar, all by myself, with chicken wings and chips for dinner 🙂 I was intending to get to the ruins very early, like about 9am or so and hopefully be back in my room in the aircon by 2pm or so. I was in bed by 10 and hung the do not disturb sign out, this would mean they would not come in and turn the aircon off while I was out tomorrow 🙂 Mind you, the way the sign reads, I could do with a small amount of molestation, by the right gender of course 🙂 😆

Day – 219 miles and 352 km
Trip – 40,433 miles and 65,071 km



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2 Responses to “Day 311 – 15th October 09”

  1. carl said

    just what gender would that be bigboy? just kidding m8. keep living the dream.i missed the meeting the other night so don’t know about the postcard m8

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