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Day 313 – 17th October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 17, 2009

Saturday – Uxmal, Mexico

Brilliant night 🙂

On the road again, this time quite early just after 8am or so, because I figure, if it is going to be as hot as yesterday, get some miles done early. I had the usual start to the ride, toll gates and a stupid military post where they picked on me again, but for some reason I just sat and sat and sat waiting until he finished searching the car in front, until finally a chap came over who spoke English and said off you go have a nice day, without looking in anything, bloody idiots, but I did not say that, out loud anyway 😉

It was a hot morning and I was sucking back the water and lucky for me this road was well developed and had a whole stack of bus stops scattered along it as they had a nice paved area to pull over. Most of the normal roads have nowhere along the edge except a big drop off, or tall grass with unknown ground, maybe a ditch. Another checkpoint, this time federal police, but I did not have to stop this time, whew 🙂

So, it was now 11.30am and I get into a town on the coast called Champoton and after negotiating some local streets and finding my way through, I decided to have an early lunch. I had had an early, not so good breakfast and when I saw a roundhouse serving food next to the river/inlet, it sort of reminded me of the roundhouse on my river back home, so I decided that would do 🙂 Also the fact other people were eating here, which is always a good thing 🙂

I had great views while I had a very nice lunch. I got lucky in that the young son spoke excellent English and I just happened to be wearing my Ulysses polo shirt and he said his name was Ulysses, what a coincidence 🙂 That is him on the right next to his parents, G’day m8, thanks for the food and the last photo with his brother and sister 🙂

So, after a big lunch, very cheap as well, I headed off up the coast for a short way, the first time I have seen the sea since around San Diego 🙂 I only went a short distance though as I needed to turn inland and head north through what looked like sugar cane fields to me. It was along this road after riding for about 20 minutes I thought I needed a kidney belt as it was a tad bumpy, but guess what? I had been wearing it this morning and took it off for lunch and it was on the back of the bike, I rode off and one of them damm topes has claimed it, hopefully I can find another one day, they are very useful! 😦

A bit further on I decided to stop and take a picture of a tourist sign, because I had seen the name before on previous signs, but when travelling at 100+kmh I never got a chance to read it all before it had gone past 😉 I had no idea how to pronounce this, but I did understand it was a cave system with stalactites etc.

It looked like it was on the way to Uxmal, but it was also looking like rain and although I had been getting spits of rain, it was a tad hot to put the gear on, until I saw what was ahead and did like any Mexican when he needs to stop and just parked on the road and put my gear on 🙂 And sure enough it rained quite hard for a short while, the usual afternoon tropical downpours and not long after travelling through a small town I came to the cavern place Xtacumbilxunaan (Ishta Cumbil Shoe Naarn )where I decided to stop and have a look.

This was a cave system that was used as a living area by the looks of it, but I am not sure, these Mexican tourist places do not give you ANY handout information and so I am guessing, there were also no signs to read, a bit annoying actually as I still have no clue. Anyway, it was a long way down through the caverns and there was a large area which had a humungous wide ladder for I have no idea what. The lighting was also crap, so the photo came out badly. Don’t get me wrong, I liked what I saw, but it lacked a lot for a tourist with no guides around. Anyway, a few photos which cannot do it justice, but it is all you get 🙂

And for the ladies again, some flowers near the top, more steps, my legs are getting used to them by now but still it hurts!

Onwards, without the wet gear as it was very hot and humid, only 35C but at least 100% humidity. Up the road a ways I spot some weird objects up in the trees hanging down over the road. I eventually managed to find one where I had time to stop and took a couple of pics, I am thinking they may be either birds nest or ants nests, another question to ask later on if I remember 🙂

Just down the road I saw a large arch structure approaching and it turns out to be the border between Campeche and Yucatan states, very nice idea, there should be more of it 🙂

Well, just after this as I was entering the Uxmal ( Oosh Mal) area it started to bucket down. I checked out the closest hotel right at the ruins, but it was a tad pricey, well it was for down here anyway, but still under AU$100. I rode up the road about two kms and found another that was a lot cheaper, only AU$66 which included breakfast, lunch and dinner, so that was a good deal and I was soon in a dry room with the internet fired up and relaxing 🙂

There was a tourist guide there who was interested in my bike and when I told him he could have it for around 3500 next year in California, he gave me his card and seemed extremely interested, well, let’s see what happens 🙂 I talked with the people at the desk and it seems I could get on a bus later to go to the night light and sound show, so that sounded good. There were about 5 buses just turned up, full of older kids, probably schoolies or maybe uni, but they took over the bar/restaurant area, so I just grabbed a few beers and sat in my aircon room writing some stuff up. These touristy days take a bit of effort!

After some dinner from the buffet I was ready to go at 7.15pm for the 8pm show. It turns out the people I was on the bus with were the hotels GM plus a group of sales staff from Mexico City who were here to learn about the area and sites, so they could sell tours 🙂 From left to right, Polo, Susan, Mau, Rudolph, Marco(boss from the city) and Marco(the GM)

The light and sound show started on time and went for about 40 minutes. I did not get a translation device as it would have detracted from the show, but it was telling the story of the Mayans and the area. The lighting was very good and showed the intricate carvings and stonework on all the buildings. Of course the Pyramid of the Magicians was centre stage. I tried to take some ‘low light’ photos but they were not the best, I had forgotten my tripod, so some were blurred. Some did come out sort of and you can get the general idea from these, especially the snake carving on one of the buildings. You had to be there 🙂

After the show we went back to the hotel for dinner and beers, I had had dinner earlier so I stuck to beer, the only newcomer in this shot is Jennifer to the left of Marco, she had turned up a tad late earlier at the show 🙂

Now, the night deteriorated from here as I had to pay for the free beers I was getting from the boss and not with money either. Now, for those that know me you will know I paid the ultimate price for these beers, yes you guessed it, fucking Karaoke!!!!!!!

And not only was I there, but I had to pay in blood and sing, crikey mort, the things I get sucked into 🙂 😆 But, the night was not wasted as there were some chicas that turned up 🙂

I hit the sack around 11 as I wanted to get up early and see the site in the daylight, before riding up to Chitchen Itz. All in all, a great day, and a great night despite my shocking voice (sorry Hotel california) and I met some great people, thanks Marco and the gang 🙂

Day – 334 miles and 538 km
Trip – 40,777 miles and 65,624 km



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16 Responses to “Day 313 – 17th October 09”

  1. Al & Ann said

    From the look on your face you must be singing “The Blues” by the way Ann is finally back in the Saddle, rode to Placerville last week and planning on spending a fortnight in that area.

    • Hi Al and Ann

      I am glad Ann is back to normal and hope she stays that way 😉 Placerville is a nice place, called Hangtown, my internet buddies Ziggy and Beastie are from there. Heaps to see and don’t forget the red bar for a Golden Cadillac, it may look wussy but it packs a punch 🙂

      Cheers TS

  2. GrahamD said


    “fucking Karaoke!!!!!!!”

    I feel your pain!!

    You must really like your beer 😮


  3. carl said

    The things you’ll do for a beer.Ya look just like ANGRY ANDERSON and most likely drink the same amount of beer.Don’t work to hard m8 and by the way we got the postcards thanks. Stay upright.

  4. Christine said

    Now I think this would have been a great opportunity for a video so we could judge whether you are worthy for Australian Idol hehe 🙂

  5. ziggy said

    Hey Asif, aka Richard, I finally got around to making you some music, for your Mexican adventure…found this at the local Thrift Store.

    Enjoy, and will have another tomorrow.

  6. ziggy said

    Password, is on the blog, but if you insist, it’s “bruce”, without the stuff around it.

  7. shane said

    Go easy on the close up shots and avoid singing in public. You may get locked up 🙂

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