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Day 317 – 21st October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 21, 2009

Wednesday – Cancun, Mexico

Well, the alarm woke me up and I was a bit seedy to say the least. It was still raining too and a bit blowy, but after a bit of breakfast down at the 24 hour cafe, I was picked up by the shuttle bus and we hit the marina. After buying a lunch pack we boarded a 34ft fly bridge cruiser and headed out in the rain and the wind. There were some grumbles to start with because we had been promised free beer, but they now told us 2 beers each and two waters, hmm, bit of false advertising there methinks!!

We went past some old Spanish Galleon replicas, or Barques, quite large though, but no time to get a close up view.

So we headed out through the spit and into the Gulf of Mexico and on the way you could see the ranks and ranks of hotels, this place is big and would be totally different when it is full, imagine spring break, I can 🙂

The first place we went we were chatting but had no idea what was going on as the deckies seemed to be doing a lot, mainly with jigger baits, but I was soon handed a rod and brought in some tuna for bait, some of it into the live bait well.

It was quite choppy out here and we had 7 paying customers, one started to feed burly to the fish and another went out on a sympathy vote, now we were 5! Basically they have two fighting chairs and as soon as you have ‘caught’ your fish, you get up and someone else sits down. This bait catching went on for over an hour and it seemed to us we were catching more bait than was needed, it was only a 6 hour tour!

We did get down to the serious fishing though and this is where I stuck my hand up and said, oi, can I catch my own fish please, that is what I am here to do. I was told, yes, but if I lose the rod I pay for it, yeah right, no worries, give me that rod thanks 🙂 There were some munchies down there as one of the fish caught was only half the size it started out as 🙂

Well, my decision was a good one as within 30 seconds of taking the rod I felt the tug,tug,tug,bang and hooked a fish, which was eventually landed and I was the proud owner of a 15kg cod, or its equivalent 🙂

Well, it was lucky for me that I did what I did, because no one else took control of the rods so as it turned out I was the only one who set, hooked and brought in a fish, although a few barracuda were caught by the deckies and hauled in by the other chaps. The beer situation sorted itself out as well, because with three people over the side supplying burley, that meant another 6 beers for the rest of us to share and two of them were not drinking anything but water anyway 😉 Around midday we headed back, no more fish were caught, but a few beers drank 😆 it was a rough old day and some people on the boat had just paid around US$150 to go out and be sick without touching a rod, that sucks!! Of course the weather got better as we headed back and once in the harbour we grabbed a few more photos before heading our various ways on the shuttle bus.

Needless to say after a strenuous day on board with another few beers in me, all I wanted was to catch up on sleep, so after a very much needed shower, that is what I did until later in the evening. I met up with Vincent and we had a feed at the local buffet in house, this is where I had the paella, not yesterday, I edited that day. After this I went back to my room and relaxed and did nothing, no more beer please,(well, until next time of course) !! 😆

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 41,048 miles and 66,060 km



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9 Responses to “Day 317 – 21st October 09”

  1. ybg said


  2. Craig said

    Good catch!!

    I went on one of those in Costa Rica. Our voyage was not so fruitful. It was appropriately dubbed “Deep Sleep Fishing”

  3. southroads said

    Good on ya mate , Fishing looks good , Have fun



  4. GrahamD said

    Hey TS!

    Its great to take a break from the grueling demands of a holiday to do some fishing eh? 🙂

    Looks nice in a touristy sort of way.

    As always.

    Thanks for all the effort on the Blog.

    Much appreciated!

    Has Susushi contacted you for sponsorship yet?


    • Yep, we all need a break from the toil and it does get tiring being on the move constantly.

      I am not a sushi man, I prefer my fish cooked, lightly grilled in butter, with maybe a bit of salt, nothing else, unless it is a shit fish, then shove it in a curry, cos I don’t like curry 🙂

  5. Christine said

    Good catch Richard 🙂 So did you get to eat any of it?

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