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Day 318 – 22nd October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 22, 2009

Thursday – Chetumal, Mexico

I had a restless night as there was a party happening near my room but up one floor, this kept going until past two! I ended up waking up at dawn anyway, so I grabbed a sunrise photo and did a quick blog update.

We got away just after 10am and it was very warm and humid already. I had parked at reception to pay my bill etc and as soon as that was done, they said move your bike please! I mean I was only waiting in the shade for V, but they started to get stroppy, probably the only downer for the whole stay.

We eventually headed south down the spit and past a gazillion hotels and more bars and eateries of course, I reckon this would be a different place when full, it would be full of chicas at least 🙂

The ride south was warm and pretty unexciting, we only had a goal of getting to the border town of Chetumal, so it was not a fast pace. I would not normally stop near a border town, but there was not much else before it, so hopefully they had something there. We stopped at a small town for a bite to eat about an hour and a half south and spotted a group of other bikers, so we went back and said G’day. They were heading the same direction but at a different speed and were camping here at this time. We chatted for a while and they mentioned they were waiting on a Vstrommer who is part of their group, but who was doing his own thing. I forget the names, but the guy in the middle is riding a HD while the chap on the left is riding a KLR from memory, while Ingo is riding a DR650. It is likely we will cross paths on the way south 🙂

We continued on after a couple of pizza slices and after a few more hours got to the town of Chetumal. This turned into a major effort trying to find a motel, this place was so unorganised! We rode up and down the main drag but never found a ‘motel zone’, we did find a couple of hotels but they were quite expensive. We eventually went back to an ‘auto hotel’ we had seen on entering the city, but after checking out the price and locality, gave that a miss. The next pace was a resort place and eventually we grabbed a room each here, not ideal but it was getting late by now. They said they would include a breakfast in the price, so fair enough, we even gave them what we would like to eat and drink right then and there 🙂

They had no internet which was a bummer, but V used his mobile to update my BlocLoc page so thanks for that. The only issue I could see was the SPOT page was to shut down on the 22nd, so there would be no new tracks until I set up a new page, difficult without internet, I will have to plan ahead a bit further! After a walk up and down the local area of not much else, then a ride around, we eventually found some food at a truck stop. It looked a bit dodgy but truckers were eating here, so it should be fine and the food was very good I must say 🙂 We headed back to the resort after a feed, which by the looks of it was built around a recent plane disaster I think?

We discussed the next day’s border crossing at length, as well as possible destinations, as Belize is supposed to be a very dangerous place, with regards to crime and such and very poor in some areas. We could have rode through the whole country in one day, but that did not seem fair and doing two border crossings may be pushing it, so we decided on staying somewhere near the western border entry point at a town called San Ignacio, and hopefully find somewhere reasonable to stay, then the following morning enter Guatemala.

I was going to catch up on my blog, but put it aside and read a book instead, I was still feeling the effects of a few days party at Cancun 🙂 If I went back there it would have to be during a peak season, to get the full effect of busy streets, bars etc etc, although it would be way more expensive, but a fly in and fly out option would be the best for this place.

Day – 267 miles and 430 km
Trip – 41,315 miles and 66,490 km



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9 Responses to “Day 318 – 22nd October 09”

  1. ybg said

    Good old Cessna airplanes. The jungles and forests of the world are littered with them.

    That shot of the sunrise is stunning.

    Good luck in Belize.


  2. DS said

    LOL SPOT shows you in Guatemala but says you’re in LA…

    Sun Oct 25 2009 09:54:22 (America/Los_Angeles)
    Coordinates: 16.10198, -89.35957
    Source: SPOT
    Type: TRACK

  3. pirate63 said

    awesome ts,great to read,aus and nz had a draw in england

  4. Christine said

    Hello to all following Richard’s travels. He is currently in a small town called Antigua, parked between three volcanoes (not sure if they are live or not :)) and has minimal GPS coverage & lousy internet service. However, he can send & receive emails. He will be at this location for approx a week.


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