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Day 323 – 27th October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 27, 2009

Tuesday – Antigua, Guatemala

Not much to write about today, first thing after brekky I posted a blog entry and I had a very dodgy weak connection so it took ages, hopefully that will be the last long post using this connection! I hit the town with a pair of riding boots under my arm, I had been given a few marks on my map by my teacher of local cobblers as I wanted some new soles put on. After a bit of back and forth I found a shop with no name, but in it was a father, son, grandson team who make and repair shoes. They agreed they could glue and repair my boots for the mammoth cost of Q60 which I had to pay up front, this is about $7 🙂 I paid the money of course and I hope to pick them up on Friday. As the shop had no name, I took a photo of the hole in the wall and the corner buildings so I could find it again, it is the one on the right 🙂

So, on the way back I decided to walk up the track I took the bike the other night, as you can see it is very deceptive, even in the dark the road looked very good.

But, it was a hundred metres further up that the road changed to crap, that bit to the left of the cars is where I had to go, not so bad in the daylight but scary at night when you have no idea where or how far this road goes!

But, no worries that part is all over with, and getting down it in the daylight should be fine, if I can negotiate the tight bends to get to this point. My pannier got a clean after this and a couple of trophies added 🙂

After an early lunch it was back to school for the afternoon. Normally for lunch the family has tortillas, which are different from the Mexican ones in that they are made from corn not flour, but I miss out on the tortillas because they do not arrive until 12.30, so I still have no idea what they taste like, bummer! The afternoon was more of the same as yesterday, very hard, but I am making a bit of slow progress 🙂 One thing that is a slight hindrance and was totally unexpected, was the fact the German that I had learnt years ago is leeching out of my brain to my mouth and I now stuff up sentences with a few German words 😕 All I can put it down to is the fact I am now exercising that part of the brain that looks after languages and stirring up what is in there 🙂 Whatever is causing it, I hope it stops soon 🙂 When I went up on the school roof to set off my SPOT I noticed the cloud build up around the mountains was getting impressive and it did not take long for the rain to hit with a vengeance and all those students studying on the roof soon looked for shelter downstairs 🙂

All the streets have a centre channel as you can see, with grates every so often and for a country that has a 6 month wet season it is a good idea 🙂 It turns out this is the end of the wet, only another week before the dry season, but they actually have three seasons here, 6 months wet, 6 months dry and 12 months of spring 🙂 Yep, the whole climate is spring the whole year round, so all the flowers and plants are in constant growth, no wonder the jungle takes over if you leave it alone. The rain stayed all afternoon and was still going when I walked home for dinner and a relax before my brain exploded!

Another lazy evening, trying to sort out what to do about Malaria pills and the bike is in need of an oil change but there seems to be nothing available here where I am and the bike is parked in a bad spot for oil changes with no oil pan etc, I may need to postpone that job although I am reluctant, oh well something will turn up and it will all work out in the end I guess 🙂

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 41,938 miles and 67,493 km



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13 Responses to “Day 323 – 27th October 09”

  1. Craig said

    That little section of road reminds me of a torn up little side road going up a slight grade that we had to traverse to get to a motorcycle dealer in southern Costa Rica. I thought “really”? People have to ride their brand new bike down that first thing? What about the rainy season? 😉

  2. ybg said

    Another day in paradiso

  3. ybg said

    The Panniers are just getting broken in. Like a well worn saddle.

  4. Art Wallace said

    G’day Rich. Been awhile since I’ve had time to give you a shout… I am back amoung the gainfully employed again, started back on Sept 21st but I’ve been following your blog daily. Sounds like you’re having a good time and getting into a good groove for your journey further south! I can relate to the German clouding your mind when speaking espanol. I took French in high school, German in college & needed to know some basic Spanish when I was a chef. La francais was somewhat helpful for espanol but Das Deutsche wasn’t much good for either-LOL.

    The riding season here in Ohio is almost over and since trade school started back up in late August & going back to work, I’ve been lucky to throw a leg over a bike maybe half a dozen times. Keep the ride reports coming so those of us living in the soon to be frozen north can live vicarously through your adventures!

    Rubber side down y salud!

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