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Day 324 – 28th October 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on October 28, 2009

Wednesday – Antigua, Guatemala

Frustration arrived today!

Another school day, another smoky mountain day.

Not much to spruike about today, after some time on the shaky internet in the morning and trying to find out about malaria pills available here, I went to school and hit a mental block!!! It was very frustrating in a way because the words were there, but not when I wanted them 😦 The rain hit suddenly in the afternoon again and there was a mad scramble to grab stuff left on the tables outside. Chris looked a bit funny walking around with a picture of a packet of chips on his head!

Another long day over but things started to make a bit more sense after a while, I may be making progress, I can certainly understand a lot more speech, but not when they talk at normal speed, much too quick for me! As it was the first game of the baseball final series, (I won’t call it the world series because only Americans are involved), Chris had skipped dinner and was down at a bar somewhere in town, his team the Phillies were playing the Yankees. This meant I was alone with the family, and during dinner, and after while having a few beers watching the game on TV, I had a lot more interaction with the family, so that was good even with my incorrect Spanish. Prior to this I had felt a bit left out as my ability to speak Spanish was near nil, while Chris could hold his own in conversation. Anyway, as the family ran a shop from the home, the beer was just there in the fridge, so why not eh 🙂

It was not the best beer but very drinkable and very cheap to boot 🙂 It was not a late night once again, just for the record, the Phillies won game one!

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 41,938 miles and 67,493 km



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