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Day 335 – 8th November 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 8, 2009

Sunday – Granada, Nicaragua

I have not moved, I am relaxed 🙂

Well, although I woke at 6am again, I managed to roll over and get some more sleep for a change 🙂 This was good as it was taking a toll. I lazed around until about midday when my body said I needed food. I went up to a local cafe and had a not bad hamburger before heading back and attaching my new sticker, the sun was out so it should stay on 🙂

Jimmy came in and started banging nails in my bedroom wall and hung a few pictures. He had only moved into this place about 5 days ago, from a building just across the road, so there was lots to get sorted out. He had over the past while been buying art from the local chaps, sometimes they had no money for paint, so he would buy some paintings at near cost, just so they could carry on. This meant he had a whole stack that needed a place to hang. 🙂

Another walk down to the square later on just because the sun was out, but it was a lazy day, even the guards are having a nap 😉

A hair of the dog was called for later on, I tried the other beer called Victoria, but it turned out to be a Pilsener and I did not like it much so I went back to Tońa, pronounced Tonya, like in Nińo, neenyo. I had quite a few of them just because they were cheap and it was a lazy Sunday 🙂

Jimmy had a day off today too, so that meant the bar was open for drinks but he was not cooking. Well, that is not quite correct because he said he was going to cook up a dish for us for the night. We had been watching gridiron again and during the evening we had a normal salad starter before half time then a BBQ chook with Alfredo pasta as main course, washed down with beer and all while watching the footy on the big screen projector 🙂 During this time we downloaded a heap of music he wanted from my collection onto his pute, but he did not have space for the whole lot, so it took a bit of time during commercial breaks. Now, this is for those musicians I have met in the past, Jimmy is also an entertainer and plays guitar and sings. I played for him the song Tiger Woods by Dan Berm and he loved it so much he is going to learn it and play it on stage, he will also take a video of it and upload it somewhere for me 🙂 This is great because both Scotty and Toony will not play this song for me on stage, the slacko’s 😉

I got hassled again by some more pros during the half time break, my bike got the closest to the wet spot, not me 🙂

After the footy, we got rid of the bar stools and tall tables, brought out the wickerwork rocking chairs and settled back to watch in HD surround sound, the latest Terminator, part 4, it was a classic, although a bit hard to follow to start with due to alcohol, but it all worked out in the end, but another late night, gone 1am.

I had decided to stay another day, so that was no drama, I would leave instead on Tuesday morning. Vincent had emailed me with very precise instructions on how to get through the next border, apparently it is a tad complicated. I will read these instructions when I am sober 🙂

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 42,525 miles and 68,437 km



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13 Responses to “Day 335 – 8th November 09”

  1. Guy said

    Mate theres something hangin out ya shorts ;-)))))))))

  2. Donunder said

    ” I got hassled again by some more pros during the half time break, my bike got the closest to the wet spot, not me. ”

    You weren’t tempted? A quickie on the seat of the Strom during the half time break? Beats the usual of going to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee I would have thought.

  3. ybg said

    Some of those paintings are actually not bad.

  4. Gary said


    They should know the rules “what happens OS stays OS” it is a need to never know basis.


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