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Day 336 – 9th November 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 9, 2009

Monday – Granada, Nicaragua

Yep, still here, this place is a crab pot!!! 🙂

Well, after another late night, I did manage to sleep in, only for an hour though, the toll is mounting! I lazed around, nuked the leftovers of last nights’ dinner for brekky, which was just as good 🙂 In the afternoon when I was active I noticed that Jimmy’s shoe shine man was here. He had told me about this old chap of about 80+ with only one arm, who just walks around town all day shining shoes. He normally gets his done once a week, even if not needed, so I checked with him and he said yes, he does have dubbin style polish and would do mine as well, he only charges $10Limpera which is about 50c!

As you can imagine, he holds the boot with his legs and polishes with the arm, he is quite good at it as well 🙂 Jimmy was heading to the market for his daily purchase and asked if I wanted to come, so I went for a decko. It was quite busy, as all these markets seem to be, everything looks fresh, including the rubbish of which there was tons. There were people cleaning all the time though, so throwing the trash on the ground does create employment!

At the vegie place he went behind the counter and selected his own stuff, he reckons he has always done that, but I saw no real difference between the rejected and selected items. But, considering I usually see the food cooked or out of a can, what would I know eh! 😉 The fish market place had lots of small fish, he reckons they do not give the fish a chance to get any bigger and these type are supposed to be good fighting, a bit like American Bass, although they look like Tilapia to me.

One of the kids supplied labour to lug the vegies to the car and got a tip.

After visiting the local supermarket chain where I did not find any muesli bars, we went back where I found the boots had been done although there was nothing that could be done with all the scuff and scrape marks! 🙂 I gave him $20Limpera for a job well done, cheap at half the price 🙂

All the smells from the market had aroused my appetite, so I went down to the square, where I chose a different hotel to have lunch at, nothing special, just a chook sanger with chips, but there were things I would prefer to eat in town and a lot of them, Russian tourists 🙂

Mind you, their boyfriends were huge, so I stayed away! On the way back I finally checked out the building that I could see from the internal garden of the Casa. It was an old church, sorry, but it looks like it needs some fungus remover like vinegar poured over it and some scrubbing, about a year’s worth!

I worked on some blog stuff later in the garden where once again the rain came down, I am not sure I am going to find a dry ride south from here, if it is only in the late afternoon, then fine, but riding in wet gear in this heat would be a drag!

I had a quieter evening, still at the bar with some chicken wings for dinner, Monday night footy on the TV, but slow on the beer. With my liquid diet over the past few days, (steak and eggs in every glass), it just goes to prove that what goes in must come out, and I do not know how to change liquids to solids!! Enough said about that, now, during the evening, a local chap rode up with his girlfriend for dinner and while he was eating, the bar and wait staff picked his bike up and plonked it next to mine, just for a laugh 🙂

It was a tiny little thing but as Jimmy said, it runs and it is his, which is more than a lot of locals have down here. They call him Wolfman, because he has a deep voice, like the old American DJ that used to run a pirate radio station off the west coast of the US in the 60’s. Well, when he left, he did have a big deep voice and he was quite happy with the bike joke, not much room for pigs and chickens on this bike, but no doubt they do carry extra stuff 🙂

Tomorrow I am on the road to Costa Rica, so I had an early night, well around 11 or so, which is early for me. I hoped to have no issues at the border with my newly printed copy of my title and I was heading to a place on the coast called Playas Del Coco. Jimmy’s friend Jimbo runs a bar there (hmm) and I hoped to get some sports fishing in, well any type would do, but pelagic fish is what I like 🙂 If it is too expensive, then I will have four days of trolling across the Caribbean towards Columbia off the back of a sailboat in a week’s time 🙂 I also hoped to get my oil changed, I am not happy with car oil with a wet clutch, I have a lot of mountains to climb in Peru and I do not want a slipping clutch! I also am in need of a chain and sprocket kit, I emailed a Suzuki shop in Medellin, Columbia but have heard no reponse as yet 😦 I have a feeling my email address goes into the spam box in a lot of instances where I do not hear back!

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 42,525 miles and 68,437 km



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4 Responses to “Day 336 – 9th November 09”

  1. DS said

    Darn it, you caused me to remember my age, I used to listen to Wolfman Jack on the radio…

  2. Nora said

    Hi Richard, how are you? Maybe you dont remeber me:) We met each other in Alaska, in this strange bar in Hyder…
    So we travelled now towards south, to Peru. Hope to see you somewhere again…
    Lots of greetings
    Nora and Simon

    • G’day Nora, did we meet in the bar or the laundry and had drinks around the fire, my brain is not what it used to be, all I know is I spent 3 days in Hyder and was Hyderised, I even got a certificate 🙂

      I am travelling to Peru, but it will be a few weeks before I get there, as I still have to cross the water around the Darien Gap

      Cheers Richard

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