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Day 339 – 12th November 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 12, 2009

Thursday – Playas Del Sol, Costa Rica

I love fishing, or is it boating?

Well, somehow I went from coma to instant awake in seconds, which was lucky as it was 5.25am 🙂 My brain does the trick sometimes, I am not sure how, but after a quick scrub I was heading out down the beach to the meeting place, past the two guard dogs.

It was good to see the gear there on the beach, it meant I was on time. Gary took his kayak out to pick up the boat off the mooring, but he did not instil too much confidence, he got tipped upside down at the first wave!! He did manage the second time though and brought the boat in for loading.

After fuelling up we hit the surf and managed to get out not too wet and we were on our way.

Basically we had been told to head out past that distant island on the left and start trolling, then work our way north, to the right.

It was a good but quiet morning, after an hour or so, it was beer o’clock, just to wake the fish up of course, that and rolling smokes usually attract fish 🙂

After a few hours of this we got bored as sometimes can happen, we had 5 rigs out and no touches. As he had no sounder on board, it made for hard work to pick the bit of ocean with fish in it. He said, let’s go to Black Rock, well this was about an hour away up north but we did eventually get there. Gary said, keep an eye out for patrol boats from the north as we were in a protective national park!!! When I looked around, I said, what about that boat from the east that was hiding amongst the coast and is now blasting it’s way towards us!!! We only had the lines in the water for about half the time to drive around Black Rock before we pulled it all in and hauled arse. It did not make any difference, this boat had a flared bow and overhauled us easily, lucky for us they were only interested in scaring us away and did not shoot!!!

Once we got away(let go) we headed out of the park and safer waters, Mike made us some lunch and by now it was very welcome, running from cops is hard yacka!

Washed down with a beer of course 🙂 This is Mike the cook, relaxing, in fact the whole day was relaxing, it certainly was not spoilt by having to pull in fish. 😉

We were closer to shore now and following the coastline, now considering we were in the tropics, the last place I would expect to see cactus was here, but the shoreline was covered in them. Gary said during the dry, they are the only green around.

We started to pull the lines in when there was movement at the station and the first and only fish was brought on board by yours truly, it was a Watson Bonito and needed a stack of hooks through it for bait, but Gary wanted to eat it!

It was now gone 3pm so we called it a day after circumnavigating Monkey Rock, it looks like King Kong up to his neck in water, quite a nice haircut too 😆 Then we headed for the mooring where once again Gary proved his skill and got dumped by a wave again when riding the kayak back in 😆

After a well earned shower, it as back to the bar for a beer, just for a change. I spotted this patient bird, hopefully its fishing is more successful than ours!

I grabbed a quick photo of the mermaid, just for the record, before sundown which was excellent, especially with a rum in hand, it is called a sundowner 🙂

Gary and Mike showed up for dinner and some quick beers, obviously after a scrub 🙂

Ron also turned up.

I was there as well, although I looked a tad surprised 🙂

Now, check this out, my first sighting of a Cane toad in this part of the world, this is the one that has invaded Australia, well not this particular one obviously, but his breed! I am sure I will see many more, when I started to stir him up with my thong all the locals said watch out it will spit poison!! I tried to explain, I know toads and they only sweat it out not spit it, but they have no clue and think different, unless this is a slightly different breed. Looks exactly what I have killed many times at home, with car wheels and slug guns and Dettol 🙂 Anyway, after a few last rums it was off home, it has been a long week and I was riding out tomorrow, maybe, I said my goodby’s anyway!

Day – 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 42,668 miles and 68,667 km



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2 Responses to “Day 339 – 12th November 09”

  1. ybg said

    I didn’t know you where a whale rider too? 🙂

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