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Day 344 – 17th November 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 17, 2009

Tuesday – Porto Linden, Panama

After a massive breakfast of anything imaginable,(except bacon and eggs) I managed to post a blog entry before getting a hotel cab downtown. The place is filthy dirty and looking out the hotel window earlier, the traffic was still horrendous, so I could not be bothered riding and then trying to find what I need. We found a computer shop where they printed out my vehicle title, front and back, and then we had to go to another shop to get the cutting done by a guillotine rather than scissors. It only cost $6.50 all up including cab fare and the job looked real good.

Checkout was 1pm and once I got back I got stuck into the last two days of blogs and posted them. I was glad to pack the bike up and leave though and just on 1pm rolled out towards Porto Linden, via PortoBelo. I backtracked to Sabanitas and this time I managed to get a few photos of the area without rain, this is a very run down looking area and not pretty at all.

I soon got to the coast where I ran into a few bits of rain, but as I was not travelling very far I just kept riding and after a short time I was in Portobelo, one of the major ports during the silver trade back in the 1700’s. It looked like there were some nice things to see, but I had two days here so I could come back for a look. Famous last words, never overlook a photo opportunity as this is all I have of this little port village.

On the other side I got a chance to show what these stupid vultures do when you arrive and they are on road kill. Very similar to the raptors at home, we do not have vultures, they will not get off the kill until the last moment, then they will gently glide right in front of you at head height. I only just missed this chap, but I was not changing lines, that was his job 🙂

If you look at the map, you can see the track I rode in red and the roads are in yellow, that is how inaccurate the world map is, but the general direction does help. I left the coast and went inland where the countryside was very nice, especially as the rain had stopped for a while and eventually arrived at the Hostel Wunderbar where I joined a number other bikers who had already arrived.

I had been pre-warned by Vincent who arrived yesterday and sent an email, that the place was very basic and he was not wrong, basic bunks in an open bamboo hut with mosquito nets, which are NOT sandfly proof, beware!

It did not take long to put some gear away before wandering down to the beach and bar/rest where the others were already imbibing and eating.

The beer of the country out here was no choice, it was Balboa or nothing, so it was Balboa, not a bad drop, it is in glass, so they want the deposit money back and this is the reason for this brand.

Just to be sure, I had a few more, the choice of food was limited, but filling and tasted nice and a local bird added a bit of colour 🙂

Somewhere out there is a boat that we will be sailing on in a few days.

And the rain came down, and it rained and rained and rained, for hours, in fact we were still unable to move hours later, so we had another meal and more beer 🙂

It was a pleasant afternoon/evening getting to know some fellow travellers, some who would be on the same boat, but also some who had their original boat cancelled yesterday and now have to wait until the 3rd Dec! Later on the rain stopped and we headed back up in the dark to the hostel for a nightcap and bed, man them sandflies hurt!!!

Day 38 miles and 61 km
Trip – 43,486 miles and 69,984 km



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2 Responses to “Day 344 – 17th November 09”

  1. Al & Ann said

    We are glad that you are back on solid ground, we have missed the updates, hope all goes well “Down There”. Now Ride On!

    • Hi Al and Ann, I hope you are both well.

      Yep, it is good to be on dry land again, it was fun but a tad too long. The paperwork trail also took a few days, so next time I think fly.

      Cheers TS

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