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Day 349 – 22nd November 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on November 22, 2009

Sunday – Caribbean Sea, Panama/Colombia

Well, I was awake at 5am after a great sleep on the back deck, in the cool. In fact a few people were awake, but not the skipper, we thought he had set his alarm and decided to sleep in. Anyway, when he did wake up an hour late, he said we should have woken him. Never mind, we had some brekky and were up anchor and away around about 7am after getting the dinghy on board and strapping it down.

The day is easy to write up because I have no photos of the crossing and no access to any from other people at this stage except a few from Vincent and as he was crook he never took many. Let us just say it was a long day but we were making good time for most of it. Quite a few people were crook and lay around doing nothing but living, or dying is how they felt. No one actually threw up as the weather was quite nice, in fact after all the rainy days, we had sunshine for a change. I decided to add a few photos from V of the coral and fish we saw over the past few days as his camera DOES work underwater, unlike mine!

We had one minor engine complaint which turned out to be a fuel blockage, but we used a scuba tank to blow back up the line and got that fixed quick smart. The day passed peacefully for yours truly, had some beer, then some more. As I was one of the more agile and not sick people I helped out where I could, especially in the galley, downstairs is never nice when you are crook.

We motor sailed, mainly using the jib, but later in the day we added the main which brought the speed up to a massive average of 6.5 knots. Our eta for Cartegena was 6pm the following night, barring any more fuel blockages or lack of wind.

Dinner was eaten by some, a great pasta, but there was a lot left, so that meant tomorrows lunch 🙂 More beers for me during the evening, but the watch was given out and I copped a midnight to 2am with Vincent, so a quite evening as we sailed on east. I finally grabbed a bit of a rest about 10pm, not sleep, just a lie down to rest my eyes before my shift starts.

Sorry for the lousy report, but with nothing to jog my memory, this is all I can do, most of what happens on board, stays on board 🙂

Day 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 43,486 miles and 69,984 km



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  1. ybg said

    Its all good stuff

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