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Day 363 – 6th December 09

Posted by TravellingStrom on December 6, 2009

Sunday – Cali, Colombia

Not a lot happened today, I was crook of course, with the flu and booze related. I looked around for the missing camera and asked Marcos and Bram about it when I saw them, but they had not seen it after the night club, so there are two choices, forget taking pictures, or buy another 😦

I spent the day doing not much, sleeping and reading a book. I did speak to Mike who said in town was an area of many shops in a central mall where you could buy anything electronic and without any import taxes, so I may go for a look tomorrow and see about a camera. It was pointless going today as the banks would not be open and I knew these shops would want cash not credit card. Plus the fact my credit card is still not working in stores over here for some strange reason.

Like I said, a lazy day spent blowing my nose for most of it as I do not have any flu tablets and it is too late to start now. No photos, nothing to write about, today can be scratched!

Day 0 miles and 0 km
Trip – 44,342 miles and 71,362 km



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4 Responses to “Day 363 – 6th December 09”

  1. Scott said

    You’re not doing well with cameras at all!
    My way of thinking is that if you don’t get another, you’ll pass places & regret not having a photographic record to look back on.
    Just my 2c!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Donunder said

    Hey there Rich. I’m sorry it’s all turned to crap for you at the moment. You’ve done pretty well healthwise up to now so maybe it’s your body telling you to rest up for a bit and recharge the batteries. If you’re not tied to too much of a timetable and where you’re at is pleasant enough, why not hole up for a while and recover properly? Rum, lemon juice, aspirin and sleep. Can’t beat it. Who knows? You might even figure out a way to hang on to your bloody cameras!!!

    • Hi Don

      Thanks for the advice, I am actually feeling a lot better today and want to ride. The enforced layover for an extra two days is adding up, and although I am not on a strict schedule, I would like to be at the southern most tip around the end of December early January.

      I have a long way to go, but after Peru and Bolivia, it should be a straight run south through Chile where I can make up some time, with some big days of maybe 1000km if need be.

      I probably need to stop stopping if you get my drift, once I am in a comfortable place, I get lazy, so maybe more one night stands in each town is called for 🙂

      Getting the bike fixed in Medellin, then the saddle bags here in Cali was needed. I am on the road tomorrow morning, if I do not succumb to pressure and go on tonight’s booze bus, but I have a basic plan and route, so I am good to go.

      BTW, I did buy another camera, the same model, but this one is pink and it was over $125 cheaper than Medellin, so in a way I am happy, but will be reconsidering how I use and carry the thing 🙂

      Cheers TravellingStrom

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